7 weeks in, 13 lbs down

JTmom2015 Posts: 11 Member
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I feel so lucky to have found this community and just wanted to post a quick before and during!

I finally had enough of feeling bad about myself and being inactive, so seven weeks ago I started the journey and haven't looked back. I was feeling really down about the way I looked since having my baby eight months ago and knew I had to do something, so I started working out five to six days a week and counting my calories. I've never approached weight loss in a healthy way before, so it's been new, frustrating, and exciting all at the same time.

I hope that everyone here chooses not to give up and quits making excuses. My biggest excuse was that I was too tired from my restless baby, but in fact, now I have more energy than I did before! Funny how that works out. :-) I'm not where I want or need to be and I know there is no huge difference, but it feels good to be closer than I was before! jttn3i8vnn4z.jpg


  • Sephixteeo
    Sephixteeo Posts: 75 Member
    Great job!!!
  • JTmom2015
    JTmom2015 Posts: 11 Member
    Thanks! :smile:
  • aprilmcal
    aprilmcal Posts: 18 Member
    Nice!! Good Job! What are you doing for workouts? It is really working!
  • efrensgirl2015
    efrensgirl2015 Posts: 480 Member
  • JTmom2015
    JTmom2015 Posts: 11 Member
    April, I have been running a mile to warm up and then do a combination of weights (dumbells and barbell), machines, and crunches, reverse crunches, squats, lunges, and side leg lifts. I think they key for me has been breaking it up, but having a predictable amount of calories that I burn each day.

  • ampenton121005
    ampenton121005 Posts: 4 Member
    Way to go sissy! You rock!!
  • happygolucky721
    happygolucky721 Posts: 26 Member
    You look great!!! Thats a totally different tummy. Great job.
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