Losing weight by walking...

irejb Posts: 64 Member
Has anyone lost a lot of weight just by walking?

A few months ago, I injured my knee while doing Insanity (which I strangely grew to like) and am unable to do any exercises bending my knee. I'm doing physical therapy now, but was told that I can do non-stenous exercises such as swimming. Well, I don't have access to a pool so my only option is walking.

I'm so used to doing intense exercises such as Insanity or running for weight loss. I would appreciate hearing anyone's story or suggestions on losing weight by just walking. Thanks.


  • Amber_hanson27
    Amber_hanson27 Posts: 66 Member
    I burn more doing incline walks than the crazy work outs. It's my go to. Keep a good pace and get at it!
  • Whittedo
    Whittedo Posts: 352 Member
    Walk fast, walk far. Most of my exercise until recently was walking. 10-15 kilometers a day. Not only did I lose weight, so did my dog.
  • Sephixteeo
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    You may want to also look up Leslie Sansone, she has walking DVDs that you can also preview on YouTube. It isn't the same as walking outside, but the moves vary, and I like using her 5 miles DVD, it does get me to break a sweat and the heart rate up :)
  • irejb
    irejb Posts: 64 Member
    Thanks everyone!!
  • 2009jewellz
    2009jewellz Posts: 187 Member
    Hello. Just started walking again 2 weeks ago. Started 3 days then to 5 days. Less eating lots H20 and lots walking is working for me. Only been two weeks but I can see it working.
  • brittanysmith513
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    That's what I'm trying to do! I've been just walking for a couple of months now. I've lost about 10lbs. My asthma is really bad at the moment, so walking is all I can really do.
  • mosspadron
    mosspadron Posts: 15 Member
    Yes it's possible to lose a good amount of weight just from walking and dieting. I've lost 15 pounds in 3 months and all I do is walk daily and diet. I don't feel like I'm killing myself every day and yet the pounds are coming off. Good luck.