June Challenge! Stay on track - day after day! JOIN NOW!

R_Queenie Posts: 1,224 Member
Sure you are logging your food, but do you stop when you hit your calorie goal? Do you struggle with weekends?

Do you want to celebrate your success daily? Do you want a group of people to support you?

Join the "Keeping It Green Challenge"...it's not about veggies, it's not about meat-free it's about that calorie bar on your home page - it's green as long as you stay in your goal. It's red if you go over.

Tracking your "green and red" for the month also can help to solve that mystery of what is happening with the scale. If your red days are HUGE, it will take many green days to make up for that.

Anyway, if you would like to join the challenge .....just message below and I will send an invite. (I am told that invites now show up on your group page / notifications.) Hope to have many new faces join us!