Need QUICK but filling breakfasts!



  • JamesKeuning
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    Vegetables in a blender with water and ice.
  • Eninad
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    I rinse black beans, simmer them in garlic, onion and no salt seasoning, as they cook I add coconut water to them ( more potassium). When they are done I portion them out into small mason jars with a hard boiled egg. I make a week of them at a time. In the morning I grab the jar, take it to work. While the beans are re heating in the microwave I peel the egg and add it to the jar. The fiber, protein and potassium really help and last until lunch.

  • alyssaby
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    Whole grain toast with natural chunky peanut butter and banana pieces sliced on top!
  • kickassbarbie
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    For filling as in volume.

    Take 40g oats and 500ml of water microwave for about 5 mins (you'll have a slushy mess but don't panic!) refrigerate over night.

    Reheat your oats in morning for two mins with an extra bit of water and you'll have about three cups of hot (now normal textured) oats for the calorific value of a normal serving which is usually less than a cup (158 I used Quakers rolled original)

    I usually add a scoop or scoop and a half of vanilla protein powder before reheating and mix in well. Sometimes throw in blueberries or summer fruits, on occasion mini Marshmellows or chocolate chips. But you could add vanilla essence or sugar free coffee syrup.
  • Solangelle
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    I like to have 3/4c Greek yogurt, 1 scoop protein powder, 1T unsweetened cocoa powder, and 1t chia seeds, sweetened with a bit of stevia. It's a good option if you're looking for something high protein. The base recipe is 240 cal. I usually add berries too. Very easy to beef it up or carb it up by playing with the ingredient measures or with some fruit, milk of your choice, or even oats to make overnight fridge oats.
  • vinbar1
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    Toaster oven will solve the mushy egg sandwich. My wife makes 2 dozen and freezes them. When I want one I put it from the freezer to the fridge over night. Wake up, put in microwave for 30 sec then pop into the toaster oven (bake 350 ) We are talking like 5 min total cook time in the oven. It just dries and crispy the muffin. Get ready to leave and when you grab the keys you grab the sandwich. Awesome!