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Quick Fix Suggestions for Event/Audition/Pageant

KingsGirl4 Posts: 151 Member
edited June 2015 in Food and Nutrition
Hi everyone,

So i'm preparing for the final days before my audition where I will be in midriff-baring attire. I'm trying to find an effective "cleanse" diet for the few days before the audition to have my body as toned and tight as possible. Any suggestions from other fellow MFPs? I seriously feel like I've been preparing for a pageant all this time!

I've been looking into the 3-day Quick Fix (from the 21 day fix plan), also a 7-day cleanse of high protein/fat/fiber. I'm gearing towards the 7-day plan since the science behind it sounds promising. The 3-day Quick Fix has an enormous amount of protein. I pre-logged the plans to see the macros/micros. See below for their comparison.

note: I understand there are no "quick fixes" and that I am only asking for preparation for an audition. I appreciate the helpful comments and constructive criticism. Thanks in advanced!

3 Day Quick Fix Plan:

7-Day Cleanse


  • myheartsabattleground
    myheartsabattleground Posts: 2,040 Member
    stickying, just in case.
  • musicandarts
    musicandarts Posts: 187 Member
    Your goals are a bit unclear to me. If you want to tone your belly area, you must do specific exercise regimens. The diet plans look OK to lose/maintain weight.
  • kickassbarbie
    kickassbarbie Posts: 286 Member
    Could you let us know what the issue is? Is it water/fat/genral midriff appearence?

    I have to do similar things on occasion and figuring out what you want to change about your appearance is key, then you can work on how to fix it (And still sometimes impossible with 7 days).
    Seems unlikely you'll drop any fat in a few days. I don't so much focus on fat as much as my bloat tan any "food babies" etc a couple of weeks before.

    Do you know how your body will react to the foods on the "cleanse"? Anything more than 5 days is not a good time to try new foods. Imho not much point to the above cleanse anyway looks like a low cal meal plan is all.

    You may want to pop into some of the modeling forums on other sites for advice on this, most of us here use this forum for weight management and fitness not prep before a job.

    Best of luck and have fun! (Tan!!! Posture!)
  • KingsGirl4
    KingsGirl4 Posts: 151 Member
    Hi yah my goal is to tighten my midsection. I'm not looking to lose fat there just to have it tight. (I've been working out and eating clean for months for the fat loss :) - now is just the "stage ready" part). So I'm trying to avoid as much water weight as possible so I don't look bloated. Have you used those stomach wraps? I'm going to try that but I'm nervous when I drink water, it'll come right back.

  • michknd
    michknd Posts: 18 Member
    For the bloat issue, Camilla Alves was just on RR & shared what her nutritionist told her, and that is to steep a handful of parsley in about 4 c water for 4-5 min, let it cool & drink that 4c daily for 3 days before the event.
  • jessicapk
    jessicapk Posts: 586 Member
    Drink lots of water and you will let go of more water. Keep your sodium down as much as possible. Don't fear drinking water because your body will retain more to stay hydrated. Sounder counter intuitive but you'll see the difference in weight immediately the next morning.
  • tincanonastring
    tincanonastring Posts: 3,944 Member
    edited June 2015
    This thread seems familiar...


    Also, I've heard the Peeps Wrap really works on busting belly fat. Not sure about the science behind it, though.

  • Whittedo
    Whittedo Posts: 352 Member

    Also, I've heard the Peeps Wrap really works on busting belly fat. Not sure about the science behind it, though.


    I too have heard good things about the complete Peeps Cleanse and I understand that the Peeps Wraps are amazing. I haven't been able to try them though because Pillsbury doesn't have a gluten-free crescent roll. A friend of mine did the Peeps Cleanse and had amazing results, however it did cause an abnormal amount of facial hair to sprout on his usually clean and smooth cheeks.

  • KingsGirl4
    KingsGirl4 Posts: 151 Member
    ...I should have added a disclaimer: I am very gullible
  • tincanonastring
    tincanonastring Posts: 3,944 Member
    KingsGirl4 wrote: »
    ...I should have added a disclaimer: I am very gullible

    Then you should definitely try the The 10 Day Master Peep Cleanse. It's guaranteed to deliver exactly the results you're looking for. Only $99.99. PM me and I'll give you my PayPal.
  • Hornsby
    Hornsby Posts: 10,325 Member
    KingsGirl4 wrote: »
    ...I should have added a disclaimer: I am very gullible

    My cleanse I created is 249.99 and is guaranteed to drop as much weight as you would like. It's your call. You tell me how much, and I tell you how to do. You can even keep the chainsaw.