My name is Jen, I'm 21 years old, and last year I said I was going to be at my goal weight by the time I was 21 and i'm bigger than ever :(
But I'm excited to begin this journey again and I am looking for supportive mfp buddies :)


  • tedm1969
    tedm1969 Posts: 7 Member
    I've been there. I tried a few times to get to my goal weight and struggled but this last time seemed to work for me. Beginning a little over three years ago I started working out and eating better. I lost 70 pounds within a year and have kept it off. Eating healthy became a habit and exercise became a hobby. I am in better shape now at 45 than I have ever been in my life. You can do it! Don't let setbacks or slow progress make you quit, stick with a plan and it will become your day to day life and you will succeed.
  • exuberant30
    exuberant30 Posts: 42 Member
    You can do it Jen. Just commit yourself and take it one day at a time.
    Add me for support if you like.
  • socksoffortitude
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    I'll fix my screw up with you!
  • You may be overweight but you look beautiful. You have to see that beauty in yourself. The hell with Cosmopolitan magazine promoting those hungry and skinny women. It does damage to people like us that don't fit that norm. Just be healthy and take this one day at a time. If you screw up and fall beyond your goals, tomorrow is another day. Start loving yourself and your mistakes will become less and less.
  • healthyleanandtoned
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    I would absolutely love to be your friend! I want to support and root for you! You can do it, and MyFitnessPal definitely helps keep you on track. I have lost weight and am keeping it off. Thank You, Jesus! I am on everyday. So if you are interested in my support add me as a friend!