AutoImmune Disease Struggles?

Hey guys! 42 years young... I have #lupus, #hashimotos, and #fibromyalgia! #Predisone is my BFF, my weight goes up and down by about 50-75lbs! Remaining active is a struggle! But I'm determined! Looking for people who have gone thru or are going thru similar struggles! Would ESP love to hear from you success stories out there!!! Thank you!!!


  • If there is any way I can help, just write. I understand the steroid issue because I have asthma. I also understand any hormone issues you might be having. Both of those can contribute to weight gain. That is why I'm here. The one success we can both say we have is we are on this site with like minded people trying to make the most of our situations and make improvements.
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    Welcome! There is a special group here at MFP that's dedicated to thyroid issues:
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    Polymyosotis with lung damage. Steroids 5 years. Every increase in dose is more weight and takes so long to get the dose..meanwhile the weight squeezes my lungs.
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    Hey chronic. I have always yoyo'd but this year is the most...29lbs
    I have ms so, I can relate to being on truck loads of meds and not having motivation from that.
    2yrs ago I lost 20. Was fit and toned and happy. I was mentally committed. And I think that's the ticket. I mean, just like a smoker won't quit smoking until they really want to --- it's pretty much the same thing.
    Go cold turkey off your craving foods, find healthy recipe do-overs, reward yourself for working out or being active every single day.

    For me, I go workout first thing in the am after my bfast. That way, the rest of the day is mine to do whatever I want with :)