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Smoking and Hypnotherapy...

csman49 Posts: 1,100 Member
Having been a smoker for the past 25 years, i've tried a few times to quit... Zyban, cold turkey, patches, vaping. No success as yet.

Any views on hypnotherapy??


  • KeysGirl23
    KeysGirl23 Posts: 119 Member
    No views on hypno, but I've been a smoker for 30+ years and today... I am on Day 9 cold turkey. We can do this!
  • leslisa
    leslisa Posts: 1,350 Member
    Not a smoker. I'm allergic to cigarette smoke. I was, however, a smoker for many years before developing my allergy.

    I wanted to tell you how awesome it is that you are making an effort to quit. On a more personal note, my dad finally quit a few years before he died (smoked most of his life). He found chewing cigars helpful to be the key to the door. I don't have a clue why it helped since he never smoked cigars only a pipe???

    Best of luck!
  • discretekim
    discretekim Posts: 314 Member
    I will tell you the limited number of studies on hypnotherapy find it to be the most effective method by a long shot. I quit 4 years ago and I did literally everything I had this mini self hypnosis app, used patches, homeopathics, and cut up fake straws I would breath through.
    I know some people have had success with vaporizers.
  • Toadstool_
    Toadstool_ Posts: 121 Member
    My brother in law quit smoking with hypnotherapy - it worked fantastically. Only on two occasions did he sneak a cigarette in afterwards, other than that he wasn't craving them. It must be 10-15 years since then now and he's still free of them. I do think you really need to want it though.
  • kickassbarbie
    kickassbarbie Posts: 286 Member
    I think it depends on the individual and how hypnosis works for them. My ex did fantasically quitting smoking through hypnosis therapy, I tried it and may as well have burnt the hundreds it cost me.

    I guess it comes down to how willing you are or your mindset. I have to admit i did not go with the most open mind (I'd seen my hypnotherapist on TV a few nights before the prepaid first appointment and he made alot of statements I disagreed with so I went to in kinda sceptical.) and that is most likely why it failed for me. But my ex really did amazingly! He seemed to totally cruise through cravings after hypnosis. It really seemed to help him so I'd probably go for it if you beleive it will help.

    Wtg on the quitting drive though!
  • kar328
    kar328 Posts: 4,019 Member
    I've never smoked but I did hypnotherapy for about two years for things like improving my sleep, stress and weight loss. I felt it helped a lot with various issues. I've read that it's successful with smoking cessation. I think an open mind is key as well as the desire to quit. My sessions were audio recorded and I received the copies to use on my own as well. http://www.natboard.com/index_files/Page548.htm is a link to help find a certified practitioner in your area. Good luck!
  • csman49
    csman49 Posts: 1,100 Member
    Ok, i've paid for it, just trying to book a session.
  • TrinityR05
    TrinityR05 Posts: 77 Member
    my hubby did hypnotherapy and was able to quit for about 9 years. he just started smoking again and hopefully he will go back to hypnotherapy to quit again soon. sometimes more than one session is necessary, depends on the person. but, it definitely worked.
  • csman49
    csman49 Posts: 1,100 Member
    Hypno session is later today. I hope the guy doesn't molest me.
  • csman49
    csman49 Posts: 1,100 Member
    Hypnotherapy didn't work for me.

    I did go back to my doctors, and went onto Champix.

    I'm 128 days smoke free so far :smile:
  • Shivpea
    Shivpea Posts: 58 Member
    Both my mother and my sister tried hypno to give up smoking. My mam smoked for about 30 years and it worked, and my sister smoked for about 15 years and the hypno initially worked but she went back on after two years off of them. She eventually tried the Champix and hasn't looked back.

    both my mam and my sis said for the hypno to work, you really need to be at the stage to want to give them up. My mam was, and my sister, by her own admission, said she missed them and ended up going back smoking!