Red Robin Adjustments...big difference!!

So I love Red Robin. I really want a turkey burger for lunch but I am aware of how horrible the nutritional values are as is. I used their online calculator (which is insanely awesome btw) and managed to make some great adjustments without sacrificing taste:


I have been trying very hard to make substitutions like this if I go out to eat to ensure that I am not ruining my progress. So far it's working! I feel bad for the waitstaff though. Lol. The other night I got a steak bomb sub without the bread and with peas on the side instead of fries and the waitress gave me quite the look. :)


  • iwantmydenimback
    iwantmydenimback Posts: 194 Member
    i looooove their calculator. this and chipotle are like, my favorite places to eat because of the online builders.

    guac on a turkey burger sounds amazing. A+ post.
  • macgurlnet
    macgurlnet Posts: 1,946 Member
    Good for you making adjustments so you can have something yummy and feel good about it! Always a win :)

  • ohmscheeks
    ohmscheeks Posts: 840 Member
    Eating out, without dismissing calories, is awesome.
  • tthoma5201
    tthoma5201 Posts: 63 Member
    Panda Express has an awesome calculator too.