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My Before & After Pictures



  • Anna_BananaAnna_Banana Posts: 2,958Member Member Posts: 2,958Member Member
    You are looking so good. I also love the hair change, very cute now.
  • emikarlsemikarls Posts: 1,063Member Member Posts: 1,063Member Member
    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome job!!!!!:flowerforyou:
  • Charilee7Charilee7 Posts: 18Member Posts: 18Member
    Great job! I too love your new hair. It's super cute. I am a hairdresser, and I love giving people bangs!
  • annekejohnsonannekejohnson Posts: 49Member Member Posts: 49Member Member
    Wow, thanks I needed a little motivation to get back on the wagon and you look so great. I have to get back to work full steam.
  • artschoolgirlartschoolgirl Posts: 598Member Member Posts: 598Member Member
    Thanks everyone! This is definitely helping me stay away from the holiday binge today! I think when i get back home those pictures are going on my fridge.
  • SGFlyinHiSGFlyinHi Posts: 469Member Member Posts: 469Member Member
    You look awesome!!
    Good job.
    Kep up the GREAT work!!!!!
    :drinker: :drinker: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
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