What was your main downfall when it came to packing on the pounds?



  • Winterlover123
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    Ex bf would bring McDonald's home for lunch and dinner as well as I slept way too much. Ate stupid amounts of food and slept all night and most of the day. Lazy.
  • jessilee119
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    jemhh wrote: »
    Being way too sedentary and lack of moderation when it came to serving sizes.

    Ditto. It's crazy how in high school it didn't matter what I ate because I was at least active enough to keep it off, and even though I ate whatever, I didn't eat too much. That all changed as the years went on...

  • juliebowman4
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    Wine and cheese and crackers and bread. That is my favorite meal but a loaf of bread in one sitting with s bottle of wine and a pound of cheese is not good for the waistline

    Bread and cheese.......mmmmm......

  • terrenceobrien1
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    Alcohol abuse and its associated depression halted any progress. I would drink heavily and eat heavily, then pass out. I would wake hung over and eat junk. I would get bouts of depression from alcohol and eat heavy fatty foods for temporary relief of the symptoms. I lived off of pizza for weeks at a time. Oh, the stacks of pizza boxes!

    I quit alcohol nearly six months ago. Now eating plant based and everything is better!
  • Elle_Bronwyn15
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    Besides my hormonal issues making gaining weight VERY EASY (pcos and a pituitary Adenoma)...my downfall has always been eating the wrong foods or too much of them, and then starving other days...It has damaged my metabolism but I am working to fix that.
  • barbecuesauce
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    Sedentary days, no decrease in calories consumed. Alcohol. Going from eating almost everything homemade to eating out 5+ times a week.
  • cwolfman13
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    I graduated college and took a desk job and started a family. I was always very active and had a 6 pack up until I was about 30...I think I might have started getting a bit of a pooch at 28 or 29, but not biggie. @ 30 I bought a car and started working a desk job that included about a gazillion hours and tons of travel...I packed on about 50 Lbs + in 8 years.
  • Wiseandcurious
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    I thought the only way to lose was to diet and eat way less than usual and avoid some foods. That was really hard and felt all wrong when I tried it once so I didn't do it.

    I thought a fat girl doesn't have any muscles and it would take hours and hours of hard exercise to burn fat or train muscle and I would never be able to do any significant exercise with my body anyway. So I didn't exercise.

    I thought being fat and weak, I would kill myself if I tried learning a new sport like cycling or ice skating, so I didn't.

    Ignorance is not bliss, ignorance and fear are just a mire that keeps you down.

    Then I came here to try the calorie counting tool, on the off chance that it might help. Then I read this thread in the "getting started" forum, and a bunch of posts by some clever helpful floks on here, and the studies and articles they linked, and then it was *easy*. Oh, up and down and with the occasional stall, but the trend is down and my fitness level keeps going up. I feel reborn. And much better educated about the whole thing.
  • Clo747
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    Wine and cheese and crackers and bread. That is my favorite meal but a loaf of bread in one sitting with s bottle of wine and a pound of cheese is not good for the waistline

    Bread and cheese.......mmmmm......

    Yes! I'm avoiding all these things for the moment because I really can't contain myself.

  • erockem
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    My wife. Best cook ever.....
  • WKenL
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    Main downfall? Like, just one? Not sure I could narrow it down that well ...

    Here are a few leading candidates:

    - Drinking my calories. I liked Pepsi. I like sweet tea. I drank too much of both.

    - Driving. I developed the habit of eating (and drinking one of those sugar bombs I just mentioned) in the car. I had some long commutes, and a job as a delivery driver. This was bad.

    - Self-deception. I convinced myself that if I skipped breakfast, I'd be okay. Instead, I got something worse to tide me over until lunch.

    - Self-deception, part II. Sure, I can buy that box of Nutty Bars. I'll make it last at least a week.

    - Not getting enough sleep.

    - Depression/Stress-eating. And then feeling stressed that I was stress-eating ... .

  • Monklady123
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    Salty chips and wine. Seriously, those chips. I can stop at one or two glasses of wine but chips...forget it. You know that old commercial -- "you can't eat just one"? Yeah well that's me. ugh.

    So for now, since I've just started here, I'm cutting them out entirely. Maybe later on I'll add them back in as a treat but I'll only buy a small single-serving bag, not the giant family size one.
  • Sabine_Stroehm
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    And with that, a steady diet of pizza, beer, fast food, and low quality carby snacks.
  • lalangela
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    Honestly, it was chemotherapy and the steroids associated with the treatment. I like to say I'm the only person who got fat on chemo! haha 18 months post chemo, I'm finally losing!
  • markiend
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    jemhh wrote: »
    Being way too sedentary and lack of moderation when it came to serving sizes.

    this !! and playing world of warcraft
  • strong_curves
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    Being lazy and paying no attention to moderation. I knew I didn't have to drink all that soda, eat all those devil dogs & cookies and I did it anyway. Thank goodness, I caught myself early (I would like to lose 15 lbs) before I let it get out of control.
  • ncfitbit
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    Ninkyou wrote: »
    A complete disregard and ignorance of the calories I was consuming compared to what I actually needed.

    In other words, I ate too many calories.

  • BethClicks
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    Sitting on my butt as much as humanly possible and eating until it was too painful to eat any more.
  • openlynoted
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    Chips while watching TV!
  • North44
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    At my heaviest I was only a few pounds above my BMI range. I've never been a binge eater/ like eating a whole package of cookies at once or anything like that and have always been concious of CICO but tended to put on about 10 pounds a year- even with exercising . For me it's just a little too much of this and a little too much of that. My favorite foods are things like chips, french fries, booze. But really I love it all!