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NEED ADVISE help- Diet & Body pump/ kettle bell classes

Lo0n3y Posts: 68 Member
edited June 2015 in Fitness and Exercise
Looking some advise.
I'm 12stone 9 and would love to get down to 11stone I'm a size 14 and would ideally love to be a 10-12.
My target calories mfp gave me was 1400 it was a lot more than that but I dropped it by doing that I lost a stone then fell off the wagon but I only put on 2half lb I was on holiday lol.

I started this week doing 2x body pump, 1xkettlebell classes also some 2xPilates and 1 yoga class/es they last for 45- 60minutes,
also cleaned up my diet ie
breakfast weetabix
mid morning snack fruit,
lunch tuna or ham salad
Dinner chicken rice or the odd day I have had a small handful of oven chips
snack at night fruit or yogurt

I did my stomach measurements and I was 44 inches and I did it yday and it was 40inches is that possible you could lose 4 inches in a week?
I weighed myself last week and according to the scales I lost 1/2 lb.

I drink 4/5 bottles of water they are 750ml -Is this enough?

I stopped all the chocolate crisps soda drinks ie coke and Ie had the worst headache ever - would this be cutting out the sugars?

I'm I doing things right?
Can anyone give me anymore advise.
When will I be able to see changes?
Will these classes help me lose weight I personally can't run for the life of me

Fell free to add me as a friend.



  • zoeysasha37
    zoeysasha37 Posts: 7,095 Member
    In all that, you haven't mentioned your calories. It's going to come down to calories in ~ calories out.
  • bubaluboo
    bubaluboo Posts: 2,102 Member
    Hello, I guess everyone is different but you may burn out going for so much so quickly. Though I used to do pretty much the same routine of exercises as you when I went to the gym, I gradually built up to it. However, if it's working for you, it should be fine. As for eating, my advice is not to cut out foods aggressively but rather to count all the calories you eat. You'll find that eating the 'clean foods' gives you more nutrition for calories and may help keep you feeling full but that doesn't make other food out of bounds unless your doctor advises. Use MFP to work out how much you need to eat to lose weight at a reasonable rate (probably a lb a week would be ideal) and stick with the goal.
  • MonsoonStorm
    MonsoonStorm Posts: 371 Member
    tbh I would put it down to measuring quirks/bloatedness.

    I've never been able to measure my waist for exactly those reasons. If you had somehow lost 4 inches in a week your clothes would be falling off you, surely? I think you'd notice.

    As has already been mentioned, *IF* you've gone from doing no exercise to that I'd be extremely mindful of burnout/over-training/injury. You haven't mentioned your calorie intake/deficit or whether you are eating back any of your exercise calories.
  • Karen_can_do_this
    Karen_can_do_this Posts: 1,150 Member
    I think you're doing awesome!!!!! You'll probably be getting less bloated from eating less crap.