Don't eat enough calories

I am an active 57 year old. I teach dance and go to the gym 4/5 times a week. I have religiously entered everything I eat but most days don't make the calorie goal of 1,200 or 1,800 calories. Since starting I have put on a pound. Don't know which to go now


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    I used to have the same problem with getting in the calories. I need between 3500-4000 a day.. I work long hours and train 4/5 days a week.. You need to try go for calorie dense healthy weapons of choice are Dates and bananas..handy to carry around with you durning the day to snack on.. 100g of dates (that's about 6 large) has 350 calories and a medium banana has about 100 they will give you lasting energy for the day
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    Are you weighing your food?

    Also, if you're a 57-y-o woman, you'll probably get a huge benefit from weightlifting.
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    A List of Calorie Dense Foods to help you get to your calorie goal:

    full fat dairy
    Greek yogurt
    ice cream
    peanut butter (or other nut butters)
    dark chocolate
    less lean cuts of meat (including beef, pork, sausage, etc.)
    seeds (chia, flax, sunflower, etc.)
    olive oil
    coconut oil
    beans and lentils
    protein shakes, bars, and smoothies
    beef jerky
    full calorie condiments
    full calorie sauces & dressings
    sour cream
    whole grain pasta
    whole eggs
    fruit and fruit juices
    muffins (bran, blueberry, banana nut, etc.)
    potatoes (sweet, red, gold, purple, white, etc.)
    dried fruit (raisins, apricots, plums, dates, etc.)
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    I think she's frustrate because she thinks she's eating a tiny amount and isn't losing weight. I think she's probably overestimating her calories burned or underestimating your food.
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    I agree it is most probably logging issues

    If you set your diary to public we can try to help
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    Thank you will put diary to public don't understand where I put on weight have not changed the weight
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    Can't do weights as have bad shoulders
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    Bad joints are actually helped by strength training. Speak to your doctor. I have psoriatic arthritis and a body full of messed up joints. My rheumatologist highly recommended strength training to build up the muscles which supported my horrible joints, she just told me a few specific exercises to avoid.

    You don't have to start big. Strength training is also wonderful for women of a certain age because of the benefits for bone density.
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    You are eating more than you think if you're gaining!
    Buy a digital scale and weigh everything you eat.
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    1 lb. is not abnormal. I vacillate within a 7 lb. range on any given day between water retention during my period, weighing after breakfast, wearing heavier clothing on the scale, the scale having been tweaked a bit, etc.

    I honestly wouldn't worry about it unless it keeps up.
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    Also, read through this flowchart:

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    OK a few things which I noticed might be logging problems. I don't see you logging any sort of butter etc - do you really have dry bread/toast every time? Even a thin spread of butter could be 100 cals you're not logging. Likewise it looks like one day you've just logged porridge oats - did you cook them in water and add no sweeteners? Perhaps you did, but if not you're missing stuff out.

    Do you measure your wine in a measuring cup? Because I always underestimate how much is in a wine glass and that's a lot of calories you could be missing.

    Also things like coleslaw - is that 1 ounce according to your food scales or an estimate?

    I know I sound picky and perhaps you are already doing these things, but if not, you should try a week or two with mega strict logging using kitchen scales for everything. That way you will know whether your calorie count is off.

    I hope there are things you are not logging, because some days you seem to be living off coffee and protein powder. Your body needs fuel for your active lifestyle or you are going to be too sick to teach dance.
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    Why are you eating 1 ounce of chicken, instead of 3-4? That's silly actually. Your profile says you want to get to 117 pounds? What are your current stats?
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    Liftng4Lis wrote: »
    Why are you eating 1 ounce of chicken, instead of 3-4? That's silly actually. Your profile says you want to get to 117 pounds? What are your current stats?

    I noticed the chicken meal, too. That's really not enough food for an adult woman, but also it could be an estimation thing. The chicken breasts in my fridge right now are about 5oz a piece and they aren't particularly big, so the entry that says '1oz (half a breast)' is misleading. I also noticed that meal had no sauces, cooking oils or condiments. Most people don't just eat dry steamed meat and veg without something for flavour, so I'm thinking things are being missed out.

    And if they're not, are you not getting fed up of a fairly unexciting diet of mostly liquid and dry things? I would lose motivation quickly if I were eating that way.