What to do after a binge eating session?

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I had a really bad day and I usually just work out instead of binging. I've been really good the past couple of weeks. I feel so disappointed in myself. Help


  • My_Butt
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    Since its more with the mind, I usually forgive myself after a nap. I just see things differently when I wake up. You could also start working out now to burn off some of those calories too.

    Just remember, one day won't change everything.
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    Log it, move on, and look into the possible reasons as to why you binged. Are you restricting too much? Is it stress-related?
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    Just carry on as usual.

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    I had something close to a binge for the first time last Saturday night. I just went for a little run the next day (I don't normally do cardio), and shaved off maybe 200 calories from my goal on Sunday and called it a week. I'm in maintenance so too many days like that can cause a gain. I can't be stressed about once though.
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    I try to use the experience as a way to re-motivate me. Yeah, I messed up this once. But you know what? I won't do it again! Remember how I feel after this binge, bad n' guilty, and just... Don't do it again! Sit down and take stock of yourself.
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    Imo just try to accept it happened and move on. Binges will happen occasionally. They're a severe food habit that are not easily broken. Accept they'll happen again and try to stop making them some horrible, ominous thing that you fear. Try to look at them as something that you want to happen less and less until they eventually stop, but falling into the trap of saying "I'M NEVER DOING IT AGAIN" is nothing but incredibly harmful and sets people up for that those horrible feelings when it eventually happens again.

    Do NOT beat yourself up over them, because all that guilt and self-blaming after binges do absolutely nothing and make you feel even worse. Self-care! Do something you enjoy. Read a good book, or listen to some of your favorite music, or watch your favorite movie - binges are often things of self-punishment or desperation, so try to lift yourself up and remind yourself that you've done nothing wrong. You had a misstep, and that's okay, because we're human and humans make mistake. Take a deep breath. LOG IT. Do not pretend it didn't happen, but say "It's okay, I won't let this stop me from my goals," and get back on track tomorrow. It's okay. Binges happen. They don't break us, we can only break ourselves after them if we let ourselves, so don't let yourself.
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    Nothing. Don't even bother accepting it. Just put it at the back of your head so you don't end up psychoanalysing what went wrong, what didn't because you WILL get into an endless funk on replay over this. If there's one thing Ive realised you should live in the NOW and the FUTURE and never retrospectively. You can't change it.
    Go on as per normal as though you had not binged. Eat healthy, move about, stick to your exercise schedule. When you feel the urge to binge next, take note of the place and time right there and then - and avoid it if you can't control yourself.
    It helps if you set a day where you are free to eat one meal of your choice, no matter how "bad" it is. A meal. Not a blow out. That freedom gives you peace of mind and tbh there are so many times I just bypass that "free pass" because I know I can have it any. time. I. want.
  • LavenderLeaves
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    Binge eating tends to happen for a couple reasons, either emotional/mental ones or because we're trying too hard to adhere to a "healthy diet" and depriving ourselves of "bad" foods we truly enjoy eating. I don't really see how at least trying to figure out why you binged is a good idea. Putting it in the back of your head still keeps it there, but not dealt with. There's a difference between psychoanalyzing it and simply going "Why did I do this?" and trying to learn from the answer you get.