Same thing as everyone else. I need more friends!

melzy824 Posts: 45 Member
Hi :) It feels so strange to ask for friends but I see that it is really helping so many people and I would love to build a network of supportive people to help me & help them in their weightloss journey.
I have been off & on this cycle for so long & it is mentally draining. I just want to be fit, toned & healthy! Not too much weight to lose more like 6kg (13 pounds) but I need help in the push.
Thanks anyone who reads this and sends me a friend request......I really appreciate any help. Of course I will support you too!!!


  • ballardf
    ballardf Posts: 55 Member
    Hi! I'm Fred. I recently lost 65 pounds using MFP but afterwards fell ill. I put a few pounds back on that I'm going to get rid of using my same methods: Logging my calories and exercise. It works!!! Feel free to add me. Looking forward to the journey-TOGETHER!!
  • audreyanderson4
    audreyanderson4 Posts: 245 Member
    fell free to add me :)
  • melissagrohman
    melissagrohman Posts: 1 Member
    You could add me too. I'm very new to all this, but I'll try!
  • melzy824
    melzy824 Posts: 45 Member
    Thanks guys i will add you all. I really appreciate the support. I will do the same for you :smile:
  • albanes7
    albanes7 Posts: 8 Member
    Add me!