The ah-ha moment



  • Ninkyou
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    When it was interfering with my plans to have another baby. Plus I was tired of feeling like crap just carrying the laundry up the stairs and walking short distances. There were several straws that broke the camel's back.
  • LunaMischief
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    A particular picture of me that was taken... I was wearing a shirt I once looked really good in. In that one picture, I looked like I was going to pop of of it like the Hulk at any moment, and made me realize how much I'd gained. It was that, as well as thinking to myself "I should not have stretch marks on my thighs, I'm only 24." (They were unsightly, deep purple ones)

    A year in a half later, I fit that shirt much better now, and the stretch marks are gone :)
  • 89nunu
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    One day I just decided its now or never... and before I knew it I was here. Had a couple of really bad weeks recently, so now its back to business!
  • rachel53223
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    I hear ya! Everyday -- But I take it day by day and make my Ah Ha moment happen -- earlier during the day the better.
    I know I need to loose weight, I know I need to get healthier for so many reasons -- but just thinking about those "reasons/wishes" won`t make me change. So everyday I try to wake up and tell myself today needs to be good and I work on it throughout.
    I`m hoping in a little while it will become easier (and I think it will) but until then.. the struggle continues, but I have to keep on going.
    It really sucks to have your "life change" reset every night - but it has to be a conscious effort on my part to get moving on my goals.
  • Sam_Lam88
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    Honestly? I started taking medication for my anxiety and depression. I had always tried before but became unmotivated within a couple days. This time, it's been about a month and I'm down 14 lbs. Still have about 70 more to go, but it's a start!
  • TheVirgoddess
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    Being diagnosed with insulin resistance. Dropped 83 pounds, reversed my IR and have never been happier.
  • zofia388
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    I had been feeling like I had a gained a bit of weight lately, I saw pictures of me with a dress I wore the summer before and I looked like a sausage in it.

    The "coup de grâce" was when I had to suit up for a case and I could not even lift the pants more than mid-tight. I felt incredibly disgusted at myself, and decided that enough was enough. I had promise myself I would to let myself go fat, and I owned that to myself.

    That was the best decision of my life.
  • mday2107
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    When I realized I was going into my annual doctors visit/lady check-up HOPING she was going to tell me they found something wrong when they did a blood panel on me... I was HOPING my weight was due to something being wrong... How crazy is that? HOPING I had something wrong with me... Who does that...? Blood work was great, blood pressure- great, thyroid-perfect, diabetes-nope, vitamin levels-awesome, cholesterol-again, perfect... oh wait... Heart murmur... sure, lets have that looked at.... Nope my HEART BEATS PERFECT!! That was the slight murmur they were hearing.... ok upper GI for the heartburn.... NOPE, nothing wrong there, just a "hyperactive esophagus" nothing but some weight loss and lifestyle changes to help that......

    WTF!!!! What do you mean I'm the reason I'm fat... What do you mean I did this to myself... if I lose some weight some of my other "health concerns" should clear themselves up.!.?..!.?. In those moments (three doctors visits in a matter of a week) I wanted to call them all *kitten* holes like they were playing some joke on me... Then... It clicked...

    Oh, I did do this to my self. I AM the reason I'm overweight... and I CAN and WILL make a change. I CAN and WILL do this. I WILL NOT give up this time. because there is no one else and nothing else to blame.... but myself. There is no reason I cant wear the clothes I want, feel confident in my own skin... I just have to believe in myself.. and allow myself to make the changes necessary... All my life I have failed at literally almost everything I've ever tried to do... THIS.... This will not be one of those things. I WILL SUCCEED. I succeeded at getting to this weight... my choices did this... so why cant my choices change this...?

    Its time to make a change and stop hoping its someone or something else's fault.

    Since these revelations started (about a month ago) I'm already down a little over 2lbs... and I know I can be working harder at this... Every day is one step at a time. Like a previous poster said... I forgive myself on the days I don't do it so well, or don't really try that hard, or allow myself to say "not today". But every day is a new day. A brand new opportunity to make myself proud of ME. and prove that I can and I am doing this.