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50 down 50 to go

BethMarieVA Posts: 64 Member
edited June 2015 in Success Stories
I have been waiting 6 months to be able to post my first success story! In just over 6 months I have been able to lose 50 pounds with MFP! I can't explain how amazing I feel and how grateful I am for finding this app.

I have spent a lot of time going through everyone's before and after pictures hoping that one day I would be able to post my own. Although I am only halfway to my goal, I am still very proud of the difference between where I am today and where I started. If I can give any advice to anyone it is to take pictures of yourself. Create a folder in you phone and save them. Save them so you can reflect on them and look back at how far you have come. I remember taking my before pics and crying. Crying because I looked horrible and deleting them about 10 times before I had the courage to take some and actually save them. I didn't understand at first why I had taken these completely unflattering pictures of myself and couldn't imagine the horror I would feel if anyone ever found them. As time went on and I started to transform, I then understood the importance of the before picture.

So with that being said, today I would like to share my before and 6 month in photo with you all and I welcome you to post yours as well. Congratulations to everyone for all of your hard work and I wish everyone continued success! I look forward to posting my next success story once I reach my goal of losing 100 pounds! Until then...take care friends.

(I tried to edit my picture because it was huge, but somehow I deleted it and can't get it to upload again, sorry about that)



  • Jmgkamp
    Jmgkamp Posts: 278 Member
    Great job! You deserve to be proud!!
  • amitglinkedin
    amitglinkedin Posts: 223 Member
    Options are doing great...
  • BethMarieVA
    BethMarieVA Posts: 64 Member
  • marykate_1203
    marykate_1203 Posts: 164 Member
    Way to go!
  • ecismotivated
    ecismotivated Posts: 15 Member
    That's a huge accomplishment! Awesome job!
  • GibsonSG_67
    GibsonSG_67 Posts: 1,406 Member
    Awesome job!
  • charlene77
    charlene77 Posts: 250 Member
    Woah! your body has changed so much in just six months! Keep it up!!!! Fantastic!
  • mcahoon79
    mcahoon79 Posts: 25 Member
    Totally awesome!
  • Becca281552
    Becca281552 Posts: 45 Member
    Thank-you for being brave enough to post your pics... I started at approximately the same weight as you (last December), and it's nice to visually see how incredible a 50 lbs. loss looks! Congrats on your success!! :)
  • jandenglish
    jandenglish Posts: 2 Member
    Your story inspired me and is a testament to your courage, strength and dedication to improve yourself!! Keep on moving forward. I have faith you will reach your 100 lb. Goal.
  • jules6669mfp
    jules6669mfp Posts: 446 Member
    Great job!! You're an inspiration.
  • mmnv79
    mmnv79 Posts: 538 Member
    Well done! Way to go!
  • jpaulie
    jpaulie Posts: 917 Member
    awww, girl you are awesome :) very happy for you
  • ohmscheeks
    ohmscheeks Posts: 840 Member
    You can definitely see the difference, good job!
  • shellyb17
    shellyb17 Posts: 144 Member
    You look awesome! Keep up the great work!!
  • ToriJ84
    ToriJ84 Posts: 66 Member
    Already a very noticeable difference. ..u look great!
  • christhenix
    christhenix Posts: 163 Member
    Amazing. Well done.
  • cootason
    cootason Posts: 59 Member
    Excellent work thanks for sharing your success with us ;)..
  • Heydew
    Heydew Posts: 54 Member
    Yay! That's so great!
  • BethMarieVA
    BethMarieVA Posts: 64 Member
    Thank you all for taking the time to comment! It is so motivating for me to see this!!
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