Workouts that You Love to Hate



  • steph2strong
    steph2strong Posts: 426 Member
    My Kettle Bell routine.... awesome full body conditioning.
    Mode X on the Octane Machine.
  • R222i
    R222i Posts: 11 Member
    Jump Squats,High Knees,Mountain Climbers :D
  • Frozenmango
    Frozenmango Posts: 207 Member
    Lunges, cardio and burpees - Just hate them period. Would probably love chin-ups if I could actually do them lol. Box jumps scare me. I keep thinking I'll miss one day and really hurt myself
  • noclady1995
    noclady1995 Posts: 452 Member
    Abs, abs and did I mention abs? Hate. It.
  • Bizurke51
    Bizurke51 Posts: 190 Member
    dead lifts
  • yesimpson
    yesimpson Posts: 1,372 Member
    Hill sprints. UGGGHHH.
  • brad837
    brad837 Posts: 53 Member
    My 500 Kettlebell Swing routine! Every time I'm about to start, I have to ask myself; do I really want to do this, and why??? :o
    Yet once I get started, I love it and the results!
  • missh1967
    missh1967 Posts: 661 Member
    Walking and/or running the bleachers at my local university. All 74 of them, over and over again. Ugh.
  • Kiwi_Made
    Kiwi_Made Posts: 101 Member
    Supersetting battle rope slams with burpees = death
  • jennifer_417
    jennifer_417 Posts: 12,344 Member
    Bent over rows. Hate 'em!
  • miss_halooma
    miss_halooma Posts: 10 Member
    Burpees, mountain climbers, and anything to do with abs :neutral:
  • pariskollis
    pariskollis Posts: 2 Member
    Barbell complexes! Literally on the floor after I finish the last circuit
  • AsISmile
    AsISmile Posts: 1,004 Member
    The shoulder track in bodypump. By the time we get to that part my arms/shoulders are already so tired I usually have to switch back to a 1 kg weight.
  • Whiskeytub
    Whiskeytub Posts: 96 Member
    Wall balls.

    30 minute EMOTM workouts - after 15 minutes I can't believe there's still halfway to go. And I start thinking "what if I just leave". But I keep going and when its over I feel so good about life.
  • kindrabbit
    kindrabbit Posts: 837 Member
    Burpees. Who the hell came up with that one!!?
  • Fivefarthings
    Fivefarthings Posts: 33 Member
    LEGS! Though I want a booty so got to squat as much as I hate it!
  • sistrsprkl
    sistrsprkl Posts: 1,013 Member
    Burpees! & im kinda over spinning
  • Willbenchforcupcakes
    Willbenchforcupcakes Posts: 4,955 Member
    My heavy/light contrast super sets. Thanking my lucky stars I won't be seeing them again for a while.
  • tinbru
    tinbru Posts: 47 Member
  • thatonegirlwiththestuff
    thatonegirlwiththestuff Posts: 1,171 Member
    Squats. Hate them. Dead lifts loathe them. Unfortunately it's a necessary evil, cause...dat *kitten*.