I m new in here, is it really work?

Hi, i am walking 3 times in a week, but i couldnt manage to loose weight! One of my friend told me that she used this app, i installed and started to use it, hope helps me!!


  • snowflake930
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    Weight loss is mostly about eating at a calorie deficit, 80% of weight loss, some people say the percent is even higher. It definitely works. Log EVERYTHING, you eat and drink, stay within your calorie allotment, move more, and you will lose weight. I lost over 90# before I began to move more, but any activity will be beneficial, so work it in to your plan and you will succeed.

    Best of luck!
  • 999tigger
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    If you are at a consistent calorific deficit over time, then you will lose weight. You need to understand that its all about calorie counting and being able to create and control your deficit.
  • tedioustrainingap
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    It helps you to help yourself. If you track your food and exercise accurately, it will help you to learn what changes to make in order to succeed. It's working for me :)