Looking for friends with similar goals

mcc_lea Posts: 7 Member
Hey everyone! I'm pretty new here but I'd love to become part of this awesome community! My name is leah, I'm 19 and I'm an ex crew rower and current chubster. I currently weigh around 190lbs, with an ultimate goal of 135. I'd love to get to know you, especially if you're looking to accomplish similar goals!


  • JacqueBowen
    JacqueBowen Posts: 4 Member
    To be dead honest I think you are gorgeous the way you are now, but I fully support yourself in wanting to better your health and tweak your diet a little bit. This program is supper easy. I have been using it for three days and I have lost four pounds already. Counting calories comes real easy it's the exercise or getting your steps in is what counts. That's what boosts the metabolism. Good luck!
  • leahk80
    leahk80 Posts: 114 Member
    hi, I'm Leah too...welcome to the community. feel free to friend me!
  • girl816
    girl816 Posts: 6 Member
    Hi we have got really similar body types (except you have more of a core than me) I am also trying to lose a similar amount of weight and would love to de your friend
  • andresfelipe53
    andresfelipe53 Posts: 14 Member
    Hey welcome! I've been using the app a while and would like to add friends. Feel free to add me.
  • melduf
    melduf Posts: 468 Member
    Hi! I started out at 198 lbs and I'm aiming for 135 lbs too. I'm about halfway there. I log everyday. Feel free to add me :)
  • autodominio
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    ok first of all, I had to look up chubster. According to urban dictionary "An overweight although confident, well-dressed and funny man or woman. They are seen as cool and desirable due to a magnetic personality that compensates for their perceived lack of physical attractiveness."
    I can see from you profile pic that you're cool and potentially have a magnetic personality. I would disagree with the lack of physical attractiveness part but ok lol
    I've been there, same as you I've been fit and not so fit at times.
    Please add me, we can help each other out.
  • blondx7
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    Hey girl, just added you! Have to agree with other comments...you are GORGEOUS already! Support your goal for better health.
  • trxastr
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    Same! Add me
  • EstioMae
    EstioMae Posts: 2 Member
    Good luck with your journey to a healthier you! If you ever have any questions about working out of healthy-clean eating don't hesitate to reach out!
  • fruitymonkey22
    fruitymonkey22 Posts: 6 Member
    I am around the same range. Looking to lose 40lbs - added you!