Eating at night

My biggest problem is binging at night. I just get hungry before bed and can't sleep without eating something. Sadly that "something" turns into a lot. I just pick at food at night.



  • KarenJanine
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    It may help if you open your diary so we can see what you are eating and how much. Your food intake during the day may be contributinig to your evening hunger.
  • Conspiracy19
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    I've only really been logging my food for the past two days. So far today I have had:

    A bowl of cornflakes
    Hot chocolate
    Aldi - Caramelised Red Onion & Gruyere Cheese Quiche, 1/8 Quiche

    I'm going to have potatoes, green beans and bacon in a bit.

    I'll probably then have an apple and something over my boyfriend's house.
  • mericose
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    I have plain greek yogurt mixed with a tbls of peanut butter. It stops the craving for me. Good luck!
  • Conspiracy19
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    oooh, that sounds nice :) Thanks!
  • KarenJanine
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    What is your calorie goal set to? That doesn't sound like much food.
  • Conspiracy19
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    1430 :)
  • KarenJanine
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    Are you working out? If so, you will be credited with extra calories as your exercise requires fuel. Don't be afraid of eating these back.

    Make sure you are hitting your protein and fat targets and getting sufficient fibre. These food types are most satiating.

    Also, there is no harm in saving some calories for food at the end of the day as some people just prefer to eat later on.
  • tomofnj
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    When you eat don't matter. Daily CICO... Sure it's simplistic.. but who don't like a simple straighforward answer :)
  • tibby531
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    I save about half my calories for the day for dinner and dessert.
  • CSARdiver
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    I get the same way, especially after a long hard workout. Can you identify what's triggering the hunger? For me it's boredom. Nighttime is my only wind down time after the kids are down and the wife is asleep and I mindlessly munch while watching Netflix. I just have to stay occupied doing stretches and light calisthenics or I find myself munching away. This is also when I'll drink some water or a quick protein shake to help get full before I feel hunger.
  • Conspiracy19
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    I go for walks occasionally. I also sometimes follow this:

    I don't know how many calories that work would burn though :/ I've tried doing the level 2 but I felt like I was dying midway through >.>
  • allisoncouturier
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    Feel free to add me for motivation and support. I have an open diary. I am a night time picker too. I have solved this by saving at least 600 calories for dinner/late night healthier snacks. I sleep so much better with a full belly. :) haha
  • dedrinkard
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    I have the same issue, I'll do great all day but at night that sweet tooth kicks in and it's all over! Add me on if you want to, and maybe we can be of some help to each other!
  • stfuriada
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    Move your last meal of the day to be your pre-bedtime one.
  • KwonJiYong69
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    Omg I do similar. Except I wake up in the night. Try sugar free mints - mint suppresses your hunger. Also I know zero calorie drinks arnt the best but better than 38373cals of chocolate right? So leave one by your bed so if you get hungry drink that. Has flavour and if its fizzy fills you up. Just use straw or your teeth will rott
  • courtneysmith34
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    I too am a late night eater. All my cravings come before bed time.
  • mross899
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    OMG! Tonight I ate: 2 angel food cakes with berries, 4 caramel rice cakes, a FiberOne brownie, and a pack of Gushers, and I'm still hungry! Can anyone give advise. I really need some help in this area.
  • Conspiracy19
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    Have 300 calories left for today :) it's 9:30pm. I can still eat something before bed :) Awesome!
  • MinatoandClover
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    Personally, I allow myself a little snack at night, and I've been good every day since I started losing weight. But it may not be something everyone can do.

    The food log really, really helps. It really puts into perspective how much you're actually eating. When I first attempted to use this site a few years ago, I was shocked at how many calories a day I was eating. Having a goal in mind for the day can help. The way I use my food diary is that I plan my next day out the night before and then I only eat what I put into my diary. In this way, you can allot for having an evening snack. I do this a lot. In fact, I sometimes find that if I don't have an evening snack, I'm eating too few calories per day, but that's just me. If you say to yourself that you're only going to eat the stuff in your diary, it's a way of holding yourself accountable and it might be easier to stop when you say you will.

    However, this depends a lot on willpower. If you're the kind of person who's not going to be satisfied with a single Oreo cookie or the actual serving size on the bag of salty snacks, it'll be much more difficult, and it might be more effective to cut out the evening snacks altogether or maybe just once a week.

    One thing I've found that helps, even when I wasn't dieting, is using a dish for your snack rather than eating directly from the package. This might seem weird, but it can keep you more on task, especially if you eat while doing something else, like, watching TV. If you portion out one serving of pretzels in a little bowl and eat them, then there's your serving and you get no more. No going back for seconds, you're just done. However, if you've got the bag with you, it's really easy to go, "Well, I'll just have one more. -One- more won't hurt." And then you wanna have another one more. And then two more. And then, whoops, how'd this bag get so empty?

    Another thing you could try is maybe breaking your dinner up into two smaller meals. So you feel like you have the satisfaction of snacking at night without actually snacking. And it's sort of a bigger amount, so you can feel more satisfied than with one mini brownie or 7 Dorito chips.

    These are just a few ideas. There's no one correct way of losing weight or changing your diet. A lot of it's just finding what works for you. Best of luck! :)
  • tomofnj
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    Every night between 9 and 10 PM I have two 40/45 cal toast with 1.5 Tablespoons of Skippy peanut butter and a butt load of Saigon cinnamon. (It's the hot spicy kind, really packs a punch to cholesterol and evens out blood sugar preventing spikes... allegedly)
    I have that snack every night.