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anyone breastfeeding? How are you dieting ?


  • BeccyMoomin87
    BeccyMoomin87 Posts: 4 Member
    It depends on how much you breastfeeding feed.
    When I first had my little girl I went a bit silly and did the normal limit to 1700 cals. And she gained 2oz. They thought the scales had broken. And I felt terrible
    You need the calories when first starting out.

    However after six months when feeding trails off. You can diet more effectively.
  • MamaHokie
    MamaHokie Posts: 36 Member
    ^^^I agree. it definitely depends on where you and baby are.
    Feed your baby. Worry about your weight later. Now I'm not saying you should go crazy with portions or calories, but this time in your life is about your baby. My 4th just turned 1 last month. I'm still breastfeeding him 2-3x a day. I'm just now starting to count calories because he gets a lot of nutrition from food and we're both to the point that if I stopped making milk we'd be okay. I'm aiming to eat under 1900 and I exercise regularly (pretty vigorously - lots of high cardio and 2x a week endurance lifting). I'll try that for a while and see if I need to adjust.
  • kellykneppergrundy
    kellykneppergrundy Posts: 234 Member
    With exclusive breastfeeding you can and probably do burn up to 500 calories a day. As that tails off when they start adding in solids that amount will decrease. Personally I wouldn't aim to lose more than .5 pound a week while breastfeeding as sudden decreases in calories may effect milk production. Work out what that will be in calories and then add up to 500 extra calories for breastfeeding, depending on how much you feed. You may need to play with your numbers a bit to find what works for you. Some women find the weight comes off very easily while breastfeeding due to the extra calorie burn, other find that the last 10 or so pounds doesn't want to budge until baby weans and others find the increase in appetite leads them to eat more than they burn. Breastfeeding will give you health benefits beyond weight loss though, so if you find it difficult consider making maintaining your weight your goal until after you wean.
  • archambm
    archambm Posts: 4 Member
    Be happy with your newborn!