Back again for the long haul!

46 year old female, I'm going to lose 100 pounds. I've been here before, lost a little, gained back what I lost plus 20 pounds.
Now it's it's time to get down to business and lose this weight!
I started back about a month ago, and have lost 22 so far...78 to go.
If anyone out there has simular goals feel free to add me as your friend. I'm determined this time!!!


  • Suzley
    Suzley Posts: 58 Member
    Hi Jen I'm Suz, I'm 45 and 2 stone into my 5 stone goal. I've been up and down all my life but mostly overweight if I'm honest with myself. I love food and wine and sleeping! I'm trying to change myself and get control! I now think about everything that goes into my mouth and I walk every day to keep the blood moving. Apart from being fat I've been so lucky to be healthy for 45 years so to keep that going I need to put some effort in!
    Add me as a friend if you like and share the good and bad days - I find the community here really motivating! Although tonight I went to get cottage cheese and ended up with a bottle of wine.....I've logged it and I know that I will trip up now and again- but NOT EVERYDAY!!! :)
  • sc692374
    sc692374 Posts: 18 Member
    Hi Jen. Request sent! Well done on your loss so far - you can do this! :-)
  • Bovaryoo
    Bovaryoo Posts: 1,374 Member
    Three years ago I had gotten to my goal weight using this site and exercising, but then I started grad school and dropped my gym membership. Too much stress eating and no exercise have led me back here. 42 years old and goal is to lose 60lbs.
  • jencook1969
    jencook1969 Posts: 25 Member
    Hi, sounds like we are in the same boat! I too love food and sleeping! Not much on the wine though :smile: I'm not a "clean" eater or vegan, vegetarian, or any other "healthy" eater :'( I love to eat, my fav is steak and potatoes, bread and butter, and if I'm to be honest I guess I wouldn't turn my nose up at much of anything on a plate...I've tried all the diets, cutting sweets, cutting carbs, and haven't been able to stick to them. I'm trying portion control, nothing totally off limits but sodas (they was a BIG step for me). And really watching my calorie intake. I mostly walk for exercise, and I have a gazelle at home for days I'm too busy to go out. My fitness goal is to be able to run without it being torture. And my goal weight is 167pounds. (i was 163 years and years ago and I think I was at my healthiest.) I've sent you a friend request! Hopefully we can do this!!!