Comment here if you want more friends



  • denisehall112
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    comment here for more friends Id love to have more motivational friends :)

  • denisehall112
    denisehall112 Posts: 2 Member
    Just trying to get to grips with this need on how to scan bar codes....
  • healthimprovements
    healthimprovements Posts: 4 Member
    Add me please!
  • beauchampsara
    beauchampsara Posts: 19 Member
    46 days of logging and counting... looking for friends who want to motivate and help each other! :)
  • Dustinsteven22
    Dustinsteven22 Posts: 277 Member
    If you are serious about changing your life and getting fit, feel free to add me :)
  • mikew4242
    mikew4242 Posts: 27 Member
    Need some friends and support...looking to lose 40 pounds...lost 5 so far B)
  • rockpoph1
    rockpoph1 Posts: 8 Member
    Day 2 for me, looking for friends! :)
  • Vic8893
    Vic8893 Posts: 57 Member
    looking for motivated people to start this journey back up with! feel free to add me!
  • MetalbonesMH
    MetalbonesMH Posts: 17 Member
    Please add me. ...I started working out 7 years ago when I was 30 years old and weighed 128lbs. I was tired of looking smaller than the 12 year old neighbor kid. I got a gym membership and have never stopped. I too love input from people.
  • Heydi79
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  • Claudia_Maria001
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    Anyone can add me
  • scottgeba
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    Just started with MFP and have no friends :neutral: , got a fitness band for my birthday (Jawbone Up3) and have been doing T25 a few days a week, in Week 5 of Couch to 5K, mountain bike, play basketball a few days a week and ultimately would like to do a triathlon. I started at 295lbs, am at 274lbs now with a goal of 250lbs.
  • cristynlaridaen
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  • cristynlaridaen
    cristynlaridaen Posts: 2 Member
    How do I add people?
  • RabinaMaskay
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    I'd love to have more people add me with open diaries.
  • rongata
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    I would like more friends, hopefully someone wants me as a friend :)
  • ember34
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    edited July 2015
    Hi! I'm starting back after gaining 17 pounds this year. I have at least 100 pounds to lose. I'm a 38 yo mom and teacher. I can use some like minded friends for encouragement and accountability.
  • Quaker566
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    I'm pretty knew here lol friends and motivation always helps, 21 male
  • lseed87
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    The more the merrier