Help estimating hibachi chicken

So, I went to lunch a bit ago and am having some conflict with trying to guestimate what I ate. I'm really not too worried about getting it exact, when in doubt I round up, but I have no idea if I should even round up to something like 700 or even 1k. Specifically it's the sauce they use for hibachi. I know the meat was likely around 8 oz of chicken breast, rounding it up 9 just in case, no big. Rice was about a cup and a half of white rice. Veggies, whatever. I just can't seem to find what exactly the hibachi sauce is, do any of you have even the slightest clue of where I can find something like this? I saw some hibachi sauce recipes that have teriyaki and some that have none, or some with butter. Should I just say screw it and estimate it way up and assume I'll never really be able to figure out how much that meal is?


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    I was searching the discussions for this exact topic and was wondering if you came up with an estimate. I realize it was 5 months ago but anything you remember might be helpful. Thanks.
  • swirlybee
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    It depends. I usually just put in 2 tbsp of some generic teriyaki sauce entry, but if it's sweeter/thicker/greasier than normal, then I would another entry for 1 tbsp of sugar/butter/oil.
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    Is this from one of those cook on your table places? I just use Benihana's entries even when I ate at a local restaurant. It won't be perfect but close enough anyway.
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    I totally did not. :/ It's weird because apparently hibachi sauce usually has butter in it, but I have no idea what the actual base sauce is. I think it might be a soy+butter+sesame seed oil mix, but every place is obviously different. I tend to just overguestimate. :/ The place I get it from is a local japanese restaurant, not a griddle table place like Benihaha. I looked at the benihana one and 230 calories for chicken hibachi it was WAY too low, so they clearly make it very differently than my place.
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    Man, I love hibachi but my stomach is always in pain within 20 minutes of dinner. I'd allot for more oil/butter and just guesstimate the rice, veggies, and meat.
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    And sauce!