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54 lbs. lost, 39 yo widowed mom to 4. It didn't kill me, now I'm stronger.

amy102875 Posts: 38 Member
I have steadily gained weight since graduating high school. Four young kids, and losing my husband to cancer three years ago, put me into major depression and I topped out at around 204 lbs. this past fall. I'm not sure what really snapped and made me decide to be done with it, but with the help of grief counseling and antidepressants (I know not everyone agrees with them, but it worked for me), I was able to achieve a better outlook on my future.

I have successfully lost 54 lbs. so far, life is looking up. I am finishing schooling this fall, doing what I love (teaching), raising my 4 kids, and I have a new somone who cares about me in my life now. Choosing to be happy has made my life infinitely better, and losing the weight has been a great benefit of course! I have about 13 more lbs. to lose by my 40th birthday at the end of October. That will put me at a healthy bmi, my final goal.

I don't post a lot, but reading all the success stories here keeps me motivated. I love this board!

I'm 5'2"

SW: 204
CW: 149.4
GW: 136.4

May 2014 (around 204 lbs.)

Today (149.4 lbs)


  • madhatter2013
    madhatter2013 Posts: 1,547 Member
    Good on you!!!
  • stellakei8
    stellakei8 Posts: 1 Member
    Great job!!!!
  • vivmom2014
    vivmom2014 Posts: 1,647 Member
    Congratulations! My sister was widowed very young also. So heartbreaking.

    Your weight loss is fantastic! A gift first and foremost to yourself - but also to everyone who loves you.
  • mmcqueen927
    mmcqueen927 Posts: 292 Member
    Awesome job, keep up the good work :) !!!
  • girlwithcurls2
    girlwithcurls2 Posts: 2,276 Member
    edited July 2015
    Congratulations on your new life! Like another poster said, that is a wonderful gift to yourself and your loved ones :heart: . You deserve nothing less than many long years with those kids of yours!
  • RoadRunnerRN
    RoadRunnerRN Posts: 1 Member
    You look great! Congratulations.
  • AbbeyDove
    AbbeyDove Posts: 317 Member
    You are awesome!
  • mariamathsgeek
    mariamathsgeek Posts: 236 Member
    Thank you for your post and well done on the weight loss. You look fabulous and I wish you all the happiness in the world with your children and new love.
  • amy102875
    amy102875 Posts: 38 Member
    Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement :)<3
  • swiftyoung
    swiftyoung Posts: 298 Member
    Thank you for sharing your trial to triumph story. :)
  • AprilFire04
    AprilFire04 Posts: 18 Member
    Wow! You look amazing!!!!!
  • JustChristy79
    JustChristy79 Posts: 156 Member
    Good for you! That's awesome! Your kids must be really proud of you. : )
  • jokamaiale
    jokamaiale Posts: 21 Member
    You look wonderful and I am so happy for your success! I hope that life keeps bringing you and your family more good things in the future. You have overcome some of the hardest challenges life can throw at anyone and look what you have done with it. You can do anything!
  • Heather417
    Heather417 Posts: 31 Member
    Thanks for posting your awesome story! I'm sorry for your loss, it must be very hard.
    Wishing you a happy and healthy life!
  • bbontheb
    bbontheb Posts: 718 Member
    Thank you for sharing. I am 5'2, started at 204, and also have 4 kids. I haven't lost my partner however both my stepdad died (2011) and dad (March this year) from cancer :( I decided this time around that I was going to try to live, and not eat to hid my pain. Sending lots of love and hugs and so proud to see your successes!
  • Rudenurse88
    Rudenurse88 Posts: 22 Member
    You go girl! Absolutely nothing wrong with your treatment choice either.
  • rebeccaEsmith
    rebeccaEsmith Posts: 1,136 Member
    Looking good girl
  • Liftng4Lis
    Liftng4Lis Posts: 15,151 Member
    Way to get it!
  • maryjboom
    maryjboom Posts: 137 Member
    Awesome job! You look happy!
  • jenj1313
    jenj1313 Posts: 898 Member
    Amazing work! You had a great smile throughout, but you look great now and it sounds like you feel great too! It's so inspiring to see your positive life changes! Keep up the strong work :-)
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