Working to get healthier to help with chronic migraines

anyone else suffer from chronic migraines? Food or exercise programs that have helped?


  • Raevynne
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    I also suffer from migraines.
  • justrollme
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    Ugh migraines. Yes, I normally have them consistently, meaning I used to have them once a week, and sometimes more frequently than that. I've tried lots of remedies. Everything from excedrin to Imitrex to vitamin supplements, even massage. However, I have not had a single migraine (or any other problems) for the past couple of weeks, ever since I cut dairy completely out of my diet. I haven't even felt any sign of those preliminary symptoms I'd usually get. I don't know if this will work for you, but it worked for me, so far.

    I hope you feel better asap. <3
  • christabelle66
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    The single biggest thing that reduced the frequency and intensity of my migraines was getting my previously undiagnosed sleep apnea treated. Reduced my migraines by 80 %. I did not find that cutting dairy out made a big difference for me in terms of migraine (but does provide me with other positive affects), but avoiding wine (especially red wine), reducing my chocolate intake, eating on a very regular schedule and staying well hydrated helps. There is a lot of good information on-line about the migraine elimination diet, which may help you identify your personal triggers.
  • mandynohands
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    I sympathise entirely. I have 24/7 migraines without scary amounts of medication and oxygen - still getting 3 to 4 clusters a month and regular heavy heads. Am due to have an occipital nerve block early august. Meanwhile have put on so much weight with medication that have to do something before it gets any worse. I hope this program can help your migraines.
  • jencook1969
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    Chronic migraines here too. Doctor has tried several meds, from blood pressure meds, amitriptyline, imitrex, and now on prednisone for my last migrame which lasted for 2 weeks! Supposed to see a neurologist soon, hoping for some relief. It sure makes it hard to get enough exercise when your head is about to explode! I started mfp in June with 100 pounds to lose, down 22...78 more to go! Feel free to add me!
  • Graymanstole
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    I still get migraines occasionally, but nowhere near as often as I used to. Identifying my triggers (red wine, aged cheese, chocolate, heat, stress) went a long way to help avoid it, as well as regular visits to my chiropractor. Once I got those under control I really began focusing on overall health and the migraines virtually disappeared.
  • fishgutzy
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    @christabelle66 Similar story hear. Though my migraines were not severe. Just the near constant ache behind the eye and occasionally accompanied by opthalmic migraine. That was strange. It was a lightning bolt shaped distortion that floated through my filed of vision.
    Sleep apnea diagnosis followed later. Weight related too.
    When I started working out, the beta blocker I was taking to prevent migraines was preventing my heart rate from keeping up with O2 demand on exertion. Got dizzy, and heart rate wouldn't go above 120. So I asked my doctor if I could stop taking it. Once I was off that, I could go harder in the weight room without any headaches at all.
    Eventually got off the CPAP too.
    In Spinning classes I can my HR up to 140 and higher during the hard climbs and crazy sprints.
    So I guess in answer to OP question, my experience is that eating right, losing the excess 'stored energy' and getting moving all ended my migraines. That is not the case for everyone. It depends on what the cause is. In my case it was the stress from carry all that weight and sleep apnea.
  • 999tigger
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    Ive a long history of them and used to have 2-3 a week.
    Lots of migraines are individual so what works for one person doesnt work for the next.

    Prevention is better thna cure so first look at identifying your trigger factors. They arent the same for everyone and then seek to control or avoid them.

    Diet is importnat to control blood sugar levels as well as drinking enough to hydrate. Exercise is effective at lowering stress. Since ive been exercising and eating a more balanced diet then uve been better healthwise all round.

    Tons of donlowadvale info here
  • nadiB
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    I still get migraines now but not nearly as often as I used to. You just have to find your triggers (and they are different for everybody) mine is extreme heat, and stress, my grandmother's is oranges, coffee and cheese. I also find I get them even less when I do mild exercise on a regular basis but for some reason always get one 1st session back after a break from exercise and they last for days! I have also seen a chiropractor a few times that really helped before I found out what triggered them. I hope you feel better soon!
  • blossomingbutterfly
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    It depends on what causes them for you. For me, eliminating dairy and stress helped the most for me. I still get them on occasion, but not as much.
  • crispsandwich
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    Mine were mostly related to my monthly cycle, and since they stopped have hardly had any since. But for me chocolate, oranges and stress play a part in getting them now. in the past I have had medication which helped prevent them but the best thing was having acupuncture when I was pregnant and couldn't take meds.
    hope you feel better soon xx
  • JaimusWilliams
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    Use to get them all the time. I barely get them anymore. Losing weight helped and cutting back on foods filled with sodium/ overly processed (like fast foods.) Also eating much more veggies seemed to help. However each person is different. Maybe try different approaches and see what starts to reduce them?