let's add each other for motivational support:)

hey so I could always use some friends to keep me motivated and so far it's been a steady and constant active lifestyle so let's help each other!


  • eddierichardson73
    eddierichardson73 Posts: 41 Member
    Add me always looking for motivation.And like to lift up others too!
  • andrade313
    andrade313 Posts: 12 Member
    Feel free to add me. Looking for motivation and support as well!
  • badwolfgirl77
    badwolfgirl77 Posts: 4 Member
    Brand new here and definitely looking to give and receive support! Feel free to add me. :)
  • vatsyayani
    vatsyayani Posts: 6 Member
    So I have taken my first step to loose weight! New here, Need super huge amount of motivation. Do add me :-)
  • Mark_Joseph
    Mark_Joseph Posts: 101 Member
    You got this! Les go!!
  • 1994ambie2012
    1994ambie2012 Posts: 1 Member
    I am starting up here and comitting myself 100% I really need the motivation and support from people here, as I don't have it at home.
  • JensJourney11
    JensJourney11 Posts: 90 Member
    feel free to add me too! extra motivation always helps and is appreciated!
  • iamthechud
    iamthechud Posts: 7 Member
    Same here, feel free to add me. More support the better
  • Samm471
    Samm471 Posts: 432 Member
    Been here a few months feel free to add me , no harm in having new buddies! :)
  • Anniel88
    Anniel88 Posts: 150 Member
    Feel free to add me! I'm back at it tracking and looking for more positive, motivational friends. My diary is also open to friends. :)
  • Misrav17
    Misrav17 Posts: 20 Member
    Want to give this a genuine go so please add me!! Looking forward to exchanging ideas and gaining success.
  • dc1arkson
    dc1arkson Posts: 142 Member
    Sent an add your way, anyone else feel free to add me
  • Shreshy
    Shreshy Posts: 1,263 Member
    Feel free to add me for support too :) I really don't mind. My friends are my rock when it comes to motivation and I wish for everyone else to have such a strong support group too
  • meaghan2008
    meaghan2008 Posts: 401 Member
    added! :)
  • lilmissmanx
    lilmissmanx Posts: 81 Member
    feel free to add me. :-)