Hi! Any Aussie pals? :D

mynkco Posts: 1 Member
Looking for some support! Lost 20 kilos 2 years ago, but have unfortunately gained more than that back :( Lost my way, and the disappointment didn't help with my eating habits. Having no support didn't help either.. But the great thing is I have decided to get back to the healthy lifestyle! I also want to support people - share the love around!

You don't have to be from Australia though, we are all here for purpose and I want to hear yours :)


  • ritajean3
    ritajean3 Posts: 306 Member
    I live in fnq :) pretty much same story here. Getting back into it. 3 years ago I lost 14kg and then managed to gain more than that back.
  • oh_happy_day
    oh_happy_day Posts: 1,138 Member
    I'm an Aussie! Similar story here, lost a bunch of weight and it crept back on because I didn't stay alert to my behaviours and eating. Add me if you'd like
  • Patttience
    Patttience Posts: 975 Member
    I'm an aussie. A forum is the only support i need. My fingers are all tired out right now. Welcome to the club.
  • bevsteg
    bevsteg Posts: 29 Member
    Same here. 10 years ago I lost 28kg. I have gained nearly 40kg since then. I have to get back on track. Feel free to add me too.
  • LexieL39
    LexieL39 Posts: 21 Member
    Hi Guys, similar story, my name is Lexi a bit of a yo yo dieter, im back from Holidays and hoping to drop 10kgs by Xmas. Happy to encourage you on your journey. Im a Sydney girl.
  • CBond1983
    CBond1983 Posts: 15 Member
    I'm from Aus too we are all here for you
  • Rach156
    Rach156 Posts: 7 Member
    Fellow Aussie here :) I'm here to lose 14kgs, already lost 16 then plateaued for months! I've lost 2.6kgs in the 3 weeks I've been back on here, loving the support and motivation!
  • lukebrooker1994
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  • lukebrooker1994
    lukebrooker1994 Posts: 6 Member
    Hey guys ,

    I've lost 17 kg ,
    My names Luke I'm 21 I'm male.
    Hit a wall so I'm starting duromine a few days back.

    Just looking for some friend to talk to about our day and stuff.

    Thanks .
  • KatFletcher
    KatFletcher Posts: 8 Member
    I live on NSW coast. Looking to lose 4kg. Please add me guys, I succeed when I don't feel so alone in the struggle. So far lost 5 kilos and starting to lose focus. Got to get back in the mindset :-)
  • Christine_72
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    Hi from Adelaide :smile:
  • catch_me_ifu_can
    catch_me_ifu_can Posts: 20 Member
    Hi, my name is Cass and I'm from Brisbane. My story is much the same as everyone else's. I lost 55kgs in 2009 and since then have gained 25kgs. Looking to get back to being fit and healthy. So far so good and always on the look out for support and friends