Fell off the wagon but bounced back on

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I've lost 45 lbs since April and haven't had too much trouble staying in my daily calorie goal. Then last Monday I just went off the rails. It started at Costco with all those food samples-curse you bacon lady! (And bagel man, ice cream sandwich lady and cookie lady... twice). :blush: Followed by a chocolate frosty and chicken nuggets from Wendy's, followed by 3 slices of pizza and 2 glasses of wine. I ended up more than doubling my calories for the day. Not to mention a raging case of indigestion. The next morning my scales jumped 3.5 lbs. Instead of diving into a "I've blown my diet so might as well eat everything I see" spiral I just repeated what I see mentioned so often on these forums: "Log it and move on". For the rest of the week I stayed at my calorie goal each day, added a couple of extra walks and as of 1 week later I had lost 4.2 lbs. First time I've been able to climb back on the wagon right after I fell off!


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    Good for you. You proved to yourself, that you really can do what you have a mind to you.
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    Yay good for you for getting right back on!!! That is sometimes the hardest thing to do. I suffer badly from the oh well i fell off let me just stay down here" mode. I used to be very good at my nutrition while still not depriving myself. Ive gained 20 lbs back in the last year and a half ( due to injury and consoling myself with sweets when i could not work out). I am now back in the mindset of getting my food act back together.

    I am glad you were able to see that and get right back to it the next day. You got this!
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    Good for you! Sounds like that was some real progress for you. I think stuff like this is the difference between 'diet' and sustainable 'life style change'. :)
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    Awesome! !
  • julie2038
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    That's progress and a true success story.
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    That's one good reason to avoid Costco! Also, the unbelievable total at the register! (but, but, I only had 5 items!)

    I've also had those days that started with Costco samples . . . . .
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    That is a huge success! Congrats!
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    Awesome! i just had one of those weekends...but I'm back on track!
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    Log it and Move on-I like it-Thanks!
  • YolliB2014
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    There you go.... That's really all there is to it!!! Great work getting back on the "wagon" ;)
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    That is so great and encouraging. Thank-you so much for sharing. I am the same way. I am so glad you were honest about what you ate. I don't know why I feel I have to not put everything I eat down. But I heard that sometimes that extra day that you over ate is you shocking your body and you go back to eating at a deficit that actually causes you to lose weight. Instead of eating the exactly same calories everyday. The scales jumped because of the salt. You are doing good. That the hardest part that you overcame with your whole weight lost journey and you went through successful. Congrats.
  • Nanogg55
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    Thanks everybody! Next time I go into Costco I think I'll go just after I've eaten lunch or breakfast to make it easier to resist.
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    That's a true success story!! We all have bumps in our journey, congrats for continuing!!!