Does a non slip yoga mat exsist??


I have been having trouble with my yoga mat and sliding when I get sweaty. I am doing piyo and I love, love, love it. However using a mat, after about 25 minutes I get sweaty and then I slid around when trying to continue my exercises. Does anyone know of a yoga mat brand that doesn't have this issue??

Thank you


  • mrssabre113
    mrssabre113 Posts: 24 Member
    I have the same issue. I have read some mats need a "bath" before first use to help with the nonslip but I haven't tried it.
  • Vune
    Vune Posts: 664 Member
    I use a reversible hot yoga mat with a fabric texture on one side, even though I have no interest in hot yoga. I just have gross, clammy hands that need a grippier texture. The one I use is made by Gaiam, but I'm in the market for a pretty new one if anyone shows up with a recommendation.
  • StrongLife
    StrongLife Posts: 525 Member
    I will have to follow this topic too. I haven't found one yet either. Finally just had to wear shoes in the yoga class.
  • scr183
    scr183 Posts: 49 Member
    I use a Jade, and for me, the grip is perfect -- and my hands tend to sweat a lot. I don't do hot yoga, but I do have a mat-length towel (made by Gaiam, I think) that I used with my old mat to help with slippage. The back side is rubberized so it grips the mat; the top is designed to increase grip as you get sweatier. You might give something like that a go before replacing your mat if you're happy with it otherwise.
  • MysticRealm
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    I use a yoga towel on my mat. Once you sweat on it it really helps you stick. If you do a lot of standing stuff where you don't sweat on it for a while and it dries I will lightly re-wet it with my water bottle.
  • hekla90
    hekla90 Posts: 595 Member
    If you are using a cheap may I think you are more likely to have that problem. If your hands are just sweaty try using a grip aid. I use dry hands for pole and weight lifting. Probably would work for yoga mats too.