Antidepressants messed up my weight loss, any one else?

Hi everyone,

about 6 months ago I was prescribed citalopram by my GP for anxiety, and they worked ie. i stopped giving a damn about a lot of things that stressed me out. Unfortunately I also stopped giving a damn about diet and exercise. I've lost the motivation to go out and run, I'm lethargic all the time, I have lost my self discipline when it come to eating the right and wrong things and as a result I've regained about 20lbs that I had previously lost.

I'm going to talk to the doc about perhaps stopping the medication, I'm just wondering if anyone else has had similar experience with this or any other antidepressant drug?

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  • Natalierae886
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    Ive tried citolapram I didnt like them, I just didnt feel anything I had no emotion. Id definitely go back to your doctor, it took me trying more then 10 different medications before I found one right for me :)
  • slaite1
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    Yea-go see if you can get on something else. I did not have this reaction on citalopram. It's trial and error, and it is definitely worth finding the right medicine.
  • mandapanda8313
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    Have you tried taking them before bed instead of during the day?? I was having issues when I would take them in the morning. The rest of the day, I felt fatigued, and just wanted to sleep. I told the doctor this, and they told me to start taking them just before bed so I basically sleep through the fatigue/drowsiness. I feel great now. Like a previous poster said, it is trial and error though, so these may not be the best option for you! Good luck!!
  • Pawsforme
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    I agree that you may need a different medication, or to play around with the dosage or the time of day you take it. Often you need to tweak anti-depressants to get them just right. Don't settle for feeling less than optimal--with your doctor's guidance do some experimenting to get the right medicine/timing/dosage for you.
  • Aerosam
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    Thanks guys, I do tend to take them with my morning coffee but thats only because I always remember to take them that way. It's going to be a couple of weeks till my medication review so in the meantime I'll work them towards bedtime, sounds like a good idea by itself as my anxiety was keeping me awake at night anyway.