30 pounds in 6 weeks!

Im finally losing weight! After putting so much due to thyroid cancer I didn't know I have and having almost no metabolism because of it, I gained so much weight. After diagnosis and treatment I tried everything to lose even one pound. And several doctors told me that I just might not be able to lose weight since I no longer have a thyroid. But they said I probably wouldn't gain anymore unless I went crazy. After four years of cardio/weight training 2 hours a day, 5 days a week, and calorie restrictions I never lost a pound.

But with heavier restrictions the weight is finally moving down!! It's been 6 weeks and 30 pounds. Here's a before/now pic. To me I can't see a difference but everyone says they see it. And facts say that I'm wearing size 20 women's in the before pic and size 17 juniors pants in the now. So that's something right? 75 to go!qp8yq2faomy9.jpg


  • swiftyoung
    swiftyoung Posts: 298 Member
    It is showing in your face!! Great job and congratulations.
  • Tanyamw33
    Tanyamw33 Posts: 14 Member
    Amazing! Way to go!
  • wonna13
    wonna13 Posts: 79 Member
    wow that is inspiring. I like the fact that you didn't give up despite what the doctors told you. I know I don't have any excuses because I have a thyroid. Thank-you for sharing. Its motivating.
  • mmnv79
    mmnv79 Posts: 538 Member
    Your story is very inspiring and hopefully your story will give other people the courage to keep going, keep fighting. :)
  • efrensgirl2015
    efrensgirl2015 Posts: 480 Member
    Congratulations! Keep up the great work!
  • swiftyoung
    swiftyoung Posts: 298 Member
    Great job. Thanks for sharing. My progress has been slow but you reminded me that perseverance pays off. Much continued success.
  • mfm143
    mfm143 Posts: 131 Member
    Great work - are you on hormone replacement meds? (Thyroxine, synthroid, etc) you should check your doses if you are and make sure they are right ? I had thyroid cancer 4 years ago with total thyroidectomy , I take .175g of synthroid now and also my started weight loss journey several weeks ago- I don't have any issues losing weight , but I know when my meds were off I did - maybe something to look into.