How did you select your goal weight?



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    I was at the top of my healthy BMI range (the NHS range in the UK is huge - over two stone wide!) and am now maintaining at the middle of it.

    I like this weight (rather than any lower) because I am big-framed. Hubby commented the other night that he could feel my ribs when he stroked my back - made me feel so unsexy!! Right now, when I lay on my back the bottom of my ribs and my pelvic bones stick up. My collar-bones are also now visible. To my mind, further loss from this would make me look too bony.

    I'm also an hourglass shape and have lost pretty much all I can off my waist. Further loss would probably come from my boobs and butt and I like those. :smiley:

    At this weight I like the way I look. There's still bits I don't like (chunky thighs) but they're just part of my bodyshape. I feel confident in fitted, figure-showing-off clothes. For me, that's the main thing.

    I would always aim for a healthy BMI, even top-of-the-range. My mum is doing amazingly right now slimming from obese and she's less than a stone off goal. Her goal is right at the top end of the healthy BMI for her height and she's happy with that and feels like she doesn't want to lose more than that. So long as someone's healthy, I'm happy. :smile:

    I would suggest you maintain for a few months and just see how you feel. It takes a while to adjust. I didn't feel any slimmer as I only lost about 18lbs, but I knew I had to be because I had clothes that were way too big. When I see myself in photos, I think the camera must have been flattering because in my head I'm not as slim as I look in the photos. It's starting to sink in that I do look that way but it's taken some time.

    You're far, far healthier than you were when you started. Maybe some time taking stock, adjusting to it, and then seeing if you have any urge to lose more is the way to go?

    A range works for maintenance - I'm at 9 stone 10lbs but fluctuate between 9 stone 9 and 9 stone 12.
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    How did you chose your first goal weight?
    I wanted to return to the weight I had been most of my adult life.

    Did you stop when you got there?
    Yes, though I have a 5 lb range for maintenance.

    What made you finally stop losing?
    I had reached my goal. It was also close to the bottom of the BMI scale.

    When did you stop focusing on the number and stop trying to beat your previous goal?
    When I could wear my 40th birthday dress for my 60th and look better in it; less fat for the same weight.
    I have never had a previous weight goal, and as I had never done any exercise, there wasn't any goal with that either, how sad. For now I take a functional fitness approach.

    Cheers, h.
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    I have a vague weight target in my head, which puts me at the top of a normal BMI/bottom of overweight. I was in that general area for a long time and that, to me, was ideal. Mostly though my target is just the next 10lb loss - when I get there I think, how do I feel about my body right now? How do my clothes fit? How do I think I will feel after another 10lb? Who's to say that I won't decide I am satisfied before I hit my vague goal, or get there and decide to continue.
    I feel better about myself when I am active and strong, and my clothes fit well. For me that is far more important than being a specific weight or BMI.

    Ultimately how you feel is more important than what the scales say, and I feel it's good to regularly take stock and reassess your goals.
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    tomatoey wrote: »
    What made you finally want to stop losing? My body just settled there. I was happy with my food/exercise/life balance.

    What made you finally want to stop losing? The kind of workouts I can do don't help that much with building muscle, though I could probably maintain a lot of what I have. Like barbecuesauce said, losing 10 lbs of fat (which would be the ideal, except of course it definitely won't just be fat) would probably mean some loose skin, and I'm not thrilled with that idea either, since the kind of muscle mass I would like isn't in the cards at the moment.

    Both of your 'what made you stop?' answers really resonate with me. I feel like I am not quite in balance with CICO yet- I could do less activity, then I wouldn't have to eat so much. I love all the walking and running I do, so I won't stop! But the loose skin part bothers me, I had noticed it in some places as I lost the last 10 lbs before goal but now I have slipped down a few more lbs I am noticing it elsewhere too! @GaleHawkins is right- I think I need to settle here for a while and see how my body recovers.

    It's good to know others have the same struggle with current/ultimate goal, I'm hoping that I'll just know when I get there. Mind you, I didn't know immediately when I got too big either! Took me a number of dress size increases to understand I needed to take action, so maybe it's reasonable to expect a similar effect at the opposite end.

    Ah, but if you can lift weights, and build muscle, that will help fill things out a bit :) and time will do a lot of the rest for the skin, it just takes patience - you don't know how it'll turn out, necessarily. Like, I know from my last weight loss what my body is willing to do for me, that's why I hesitate. But if you don't know, that's a different story :)
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    I went with Dr Yoni Freedhoff's definition: "Your best weight is whatever weight you reach when you’re living the healthiest life you actually enjoy."
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    msf74 wrote: »
    I went with Dr Yoni Freedhoff's definition: "Your best weight is whatever weight you reach when you’re living the healthiest life you actually enjoy."

    sort of this for me, I never had much weight to lose, and I rarely weight myself. I had a feeling and a shape I guess you could say in mind. I wanted a flat stomach, nice arms, etc. I liked the changes I saw in the mirror, as long as I stay active I don't think about it much. I haven't counted calories in several years, I continue to notice little things improve, but mostly I feel strong and healthy and confident. Just what I wanted.
  • How you chose your first goal weight?
    Initially, I looked at the designated normal BMI range for my height & chose the weight in the middle of that range just as a starting point.

    Did you stop when you got there?
    Nope. When I was transitioning to maintenance, I carried on with what I was doing because I was very comfortable with my caloric intake and it was easy to maintain. I also believe that eventually the body will stop losing when it 'finds' a weight it's comfortable functioning efficiently.

    What made you finally want to stop losing?
    I didn't. My body just leveled off organically.

    When did you stop focussing on the number and stop trying to beat your previous goal?
    The minute I reached my original goal I began to shift my focus from the scale to other things. ie. muscle definition. There were a period where I weighed in maybe once a month just to spot check. I have been able to easily maintain the weight my body decided that's right for me for two years now with zero regain.

    My suggestion to you is really listen to what your body is telling you. If you are starting to feel fatigue or sluggish, then perhaps a lower than the goal is not where your body can function comfortably. However, if you are not suffering any ill side effects, personally I wouldn't worry about it.

    Best of luck!
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    msf74 wrote: »
    I went with Dr Yoni Freedhoff's definition: "Your best weight is whatever weight you reach when you’re living the healthiest life you actually enjoy."

    I like that attitude!

    Any of you folks use Skin Fold Caliper rather than a scale?

    then we can pick a healthy body fat level and if you are heading toward it, and doing it slowly, all is well.

    Good idea? Bad idea?

    BMI is something I think of as good for large populations, not so good for use with an individual when you can actually do a skin fold test and measure actual fat, right?

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    I am happy with my shape, fitness and strength, for now. I still identify as a curvy girl and I don't want to lose that.

    That's exactly how I decided. There are still some parts of my body I wish were different, but losing another 5 pounds won't change them, and will likely mess up my current proportions, which I actually think are pretty decent considering my shape & genetics.

    I think you know the answer to your own question - and if/when you have the inclination to recomp a bit, go for it! If that never happens, that's OK too. As long as you look in the mirror and accept what you see; when you look at your life and feel like you've found a good balance. That's when you know you've hit your goal.
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    I selected my goal weight because it was the weight I was when I felt the most healthy and happy with my body. It was my high school weight, and I wasn't sure if I'd ever hit it, but it was a goal so I set it..
    Once I hit my goal weight and maintained it for a few months I threw out my scale and decided not to be a slave to the number anymore! The only time I weigh myself now is at the doctor..
    I know I'm at my goal weight because I like how I look and feel. If my clothes start fitting differently I know I'm gaining or losing and I adjust my diet accordingly so I hit that goal again.
    To me it's not about a number, it's about how I feel
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    How you chose your first goal weight? I originally chose a weight I was happy with when I was younger and where I wore the size I wanted (size 6).

    Did you stop when you got there? Once I got to my original goal weight, I was still a size 8 and so lost a few more lbs. Was still size 8. Went into maintenance and lifted heavy a few months and finally got down to the size I wanted.

    What made you finally want to stop losing? I was tired of being hungry and my lifts were not progressing like they should. In maintenance I finally was able to continue progressing in my lifts.

    When did you stop focussing on the number and stop trying to beat your previous goal? When I realized it was the weight on the bar, the not the number not the scale, that dictates how I look.
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    My goal weight is 62kgs. So I think I will set a zone between 61 and 63kgs. I am now 62.9. I will weigh in after every 3 fasts. I will aim for 1400cals on non fast days. I am now a size 10, or 12 in some shops, which I am delighted about. I think if I go for a lower ideal weight it will be too hard to maintain. I dont think maintenance is going to be any easier than trying to loose. My husband doesnt want me to loose any more weight, and my shoulder blades are sticking out. I would like smaller boobs which didnt change at all after loosing over 2 stone, but I guess we dont live in an ideal world. My previous goal was 10 and a half stone, just inside the healthy range for my height, and I have passed that, so yes I am pleased. Good luck to all!!!
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    cwolfman13 wrote: »
    I calculated an estimated weight as per the BF% I wanted to be at. I'm still slightly overweight as per BMI, but I'm only 12% BF right now...being at the high end of BMI for me would put me at about 10% pretty lean.

    12%ish is basically my happy's easy to maintain...I'm lean, but not ripped.

    the number on the scale doesn't mean a whole lot to me.

    @cwolfman13 unrelated but I'm digging the New Mexico biking jersey! It's my home state (:
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    How you chose your first goal weight?
    Did you stop when you got there?
    What made you finally want to stop losing?
    When did you stop focussing on the number and stop trying to beat your previous goal?


    12-16 years ago I was on active duty in the military. I made my weight during that time my goal weight - as I know I was healthy at that weight.

    Yes, I did stop at that weight.

    Hitting my goal allowed me to feel good about stopping the weight loss and going to maintenance.

    Still focusing on the number, so that I can stay at that number and not have it go up again.