Log not Diet

I am logging not dieting. I come from a family that shared celebrations and love through food and sweets. Every gathering was special and ALWAYS included good food with sweets to follow. Diets are therefore extremely difficult for me as they are almost like a punishment. It means I am saying no to those "feel good" emotions.

I recently had two friends use myfitnesspal to log their food. Neither one of them exercise regularly, but they lost a ton of weight and both look awesome. All they did was log their food.

The other night, I stood in the shower and just paused to focus on how my weight felt on my body. I felt burdened with strained weight drawing me to the floor. I had never taken the time to "feel" the weight hanging on my bones. After, I watched Mitzi on Extreme Weight Loss and was extremely impressed with her motivation and determination that eventually led to her success. She said, "I am worth it." That made me think....for YEARS I have wanted to lose weight, but never can seem to remain motivated enough to remain on a diet. Well, a transformation in my mind occurred...and it went something like this: I can't diet because that means punishment and saying "no" to those "feel good"emotions and I don't take any time to work on what is important to me....feeling good physically. I realized that logging takes time, like taking time out to exercise...and if I can take time to log, maybe I can be successful at pulling off weight as well.

So, I began my journey. I love how myfitnesspal puts the "streak" at the top of my home page - motivator. I love how myfitnesspal puts the statement "if you keep this up you'll weight @#% by @#%" after logging for the day - motivator. I love how after four days, I've lost 3 pounds and they posted it - motivator. It's like I have a mini-cheering squad waiting for me online.

I'll take the time to log. I can eat whatever I want as long as I log and keep within the suggested limits. This isn't a diet, I am logging...taking time for me to log.

I'd love to hear your stories...your struggles and successes. They'll motivate me and who knows, maybe my journey might motivate you! :smiley:


  • coco_bee
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    Great post, I like your story and how positive you sound, very encouraging :) I am so fed up with diets which is why I am here too. I also like the concept of MFP and logging every day. Hey that's great it has already worked for your two friends, living proof right there and gives me a feeling of hope. I now log my food, exercise at least 3 times a week and aiming for 5, practice mindful eating and meditation. Diets really dont work, actually I wouldnt be surprised if past diets and rapid weight loss screwed up my metabolism but I am hoping to fix that now.
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    It's definitely a change of mind and heart, so it's not "dieting" but a permanent way of approaching food . I have been using MFP for about a month (maybe more) and I find that logging keeps me accountable to me. I have faithfully logged (even when it's WAY over) and I have kept up my workout regime. It's not much, but it's working. I thought it was time to do something for me and hopefully those around me might see a positive difference. :) I am not looking for a perfect body, just one that doesn't feel like a stuffed sausage all the time.... one that can jump, lift, bend and be happy!
    Some one said on the message boards a while ago that it's an important part of life to be able to tell yourself "no" sometimes. So you might go to bed a little hungry, drink some water and wait until the morning to eat breakfast. Do other things to keep your mind off food, you'll find you can survive not having your face in the fridge all the time. It's kind of freeing, but at the same time I am much more mindful about what I do eat, when I will eat next and knowing what my healthier options are. Sometimes I chose to indulge, sometimes I say "no."
    Best of luck to you on your journey, I hope you continue to log your food and see a positive difference in you life!
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    I've always lost weight when I logged my food. Still like your family get togethers were always piles of good food. I'm changing those habits but still loving my food. I'm back to logging and this time, sticking to it. I notice the weight now and have to take if off.
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    You have a great attitude & approach. It was helpful for me to read your post. Thank you and good luck!