Clean Eating Vegetarian Recipes?

nashelsky Posts: 28 Member
Hey all!

I'm trying to crack down on clean eating 80% of the time, but I'm looking for more recipes. So far, I've learned to eat a lot of quinoa and veggies... along with tofu/chickpeas and avocado/olive oil. I'm trying to avoid most grains/starches still. I'll have some whole grains with my clean meals, but I'd prefer to sub with quinoa. It is hard to find whole grain foods without sugar! Everything has sugar, it seems. I have made my own whole wheat pita bread, and have found whole wheat tortillas without sugar (but not bread?).

Anyway, if you have any clean eating vegetarian recipes you'd like to share, post 'em up please! I'm not too picky with tastes. Some things I've tried so far: quinoa enchilada bake, broccoli cheese quinoa muffins, 1 pan mexican quinoa casserole, cauliflower pizza crust, zucchini fritters, zucchini/eggplant lasagna roll-ups.