What's wrong with this picture?



  • Hornsby
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    Someone entered the carbs wrong obviously.
  • ColinsMommaOC
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    fillers and additives (ie breadcrumbs)
  • Ready2Rock206
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    Well your calories don't match either. Maybe pick a better entry that matches what you need.
  • kristydi
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    Maybe they were entering info for a hamburger, as in bun included. Though in that case calories seems too low. Who knows.
  • diannethegeek
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    Whoever entered that particular entry might be counting the bun on their hamburger. There's really no way of telling with entries like that. Skip it and find something more accurate.
  • jkal1979
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    The entry you are using is too generic and probably includes the bun. Try looking up USDA Ground Beef.
  • Adc7225
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    To me it looks like it is counting a hamburger with a bun. It does not say hamburger patty.
  • snowflakesav
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    Try entering ground beef?
  • Chasity6
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    Maybe they added the bun already?
  • CooCooPuff
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    Try breaking down the burger into single ingredients. Eyeball the beef, the bun, cheese, oil, butter for the buns, etc...
  • Bshmerlie
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    edited August 2015
    As someone said the more important thing is the calories are off. If you go to the USDA website it has 85/15 ground beef listed at 61 calories per ounce which would put you at 366 calories for your 6 ounces. Choosing the correct entry in MFP is vital. If you do that on everything you eat you could be off by several hundred calories a day/week. You're just starting off. Go through everything you eat on a regular basis and double or triple check with as many calorie type website you can find and make sure the calores per gram/ ounce is correct and over estimate rather than under estimate. I personally would log that ground beef at 400.

    Ohhh yeah and as everyone has said there are no carbs in ground beef. :)
  • maxit
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    It's user beware with the food diary look-up. I always double check - even the so-called "verified" items have had errors. With hamburger, I enter "ground beef, 93/7" or whatever lean/fat ratio it is, & that brings up a bunch of options which I then look at before I log~
  • umayster
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    Just entered hamburger patty a minute ago, you must search for patty to avoid the bun included entries.
  • EmmaFitzwilliam
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    I am shocked - *shocked* I tell you - to learn there are inaccuracies in the member-editable database. /sarcasm
  • Francl27
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    That's why you never use generic entries.
  • tomatoey
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    Best to double check entries the first time you use them- after that they're in your Recent list.
  • zyxst
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  • Alatariel75
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    Your 2 pics are clearly of different things. This is why generic entries like "Hamburger" are useless. You have no idea what was on or in that hamburger. It's worth noting that in the US "hamburger" can refer to ground beef, where as in the rest of the world, "hamburger" means the actual burger with the bread and everything.
  • purleyprimitives
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    I figured it was something like that.