How often are you exercising and what are your results?

I am just wondering how many days per week do you workout or exercise. I wonder if I workout 4 x that is enough (while eating right).


  • My_Butt
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    I workout 6 days a week with Sunday's as a rest day.
  • Mr_Knight
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    6 days a week. Results are great.
  • ms_smartypants
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    I workout 6 days a week ...3 days strength and 3 day cardio
  • piperdown44
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    4 days heavy progressive lifting, 1 day cardio and the weekend spent working on the house, garden, laundry, etc.
    Dropped 31 lbs since May but strength is holding.
    But, I've done it on 3 days a week too and no cardio.
  • kami3006
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    Lost 20 lbs through calorie deficit alone. I lift 4 days a week and run some but I eat back all my exercise calories. Lifting reshaped my body and now I am building muscle.
  • cdahl383
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    I exercise 4-7 days a week depending on my schedule and how I feel. I try to do some form of cardio every day (walking, jogging, elliptical, boxing, etc) and I lift weights 2-3 times a week. I started boxing lessons about a month ago and love it, usually 1-2 times a week for 2 hours, sweat like crazy. I've lost 10 lbs in a little over a month, went down one belt loop on my belt, and a lot of my old shirts that I got too fat for fit great now.
  • middlehaitch
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    It depends on what it is enough for.

    I do no formal exercise in the summer; then do a variety of classes for mobility, cardio, etc 60 x 5 per week and resistance work x3 per week.

    My goal is functional fittness. Decide on your goal and do a programme that achieves it.

    Cheers, h.
  • indigohope
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    This is great info--thank you!
  • parkerpowerlift
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    I lost 40 pounds from May 2014 to January 2015, from primarily running. Then, from the end of February to now, I started incorporating weight training and less cardio. It has taken me about six months to lose my last 10 pounds.

    I now am very, very new to progressive, heavy lifting and am learning so much from power-lifting. I currently am using Strong-Lifts 5x5 program. My weight loss has severely stalled, but my measurements still go down and my strength, endurance (and appetite) has skyrocketed!

    On a good week, I lift 3 days, run once or twice, and then have one day of yard work and other miscellaneous light work I do. There is at least one or two days where I veg out!
  • laurainottawa
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    I have lost 12.8lbs in 2 months doing strength work outs 2x a week, plus walking 10-12000 steps a day and tracking everything I eat, (almost) always keeping under my budget.

    I'm going to start focusing on getting more cardiovascular in though.
  • arditarose
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    Lost 30 pounds lifting heavy 4x per week. I used to do minimal cardio, now I don't do any.
  • oh_happy_day
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    I exercise between 5-7 days a week depending on my work schedule. I do cross fit, OCR training, yoga, free weights and a bit of cardio (skipping/jogging/rowing). My rest day is a gentle walk and yin yoga. Results are great! I'm fit, strong and I often see more impact in my measurements than the scale.
  • shaunroberts
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    6 days a week Sunday is a rest day. All cardio.

    Generally 1 hour a day Max Insanity workouts. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday these get doubled up. (1 Max out + Max Insanity).

    Lost 24ish lbs when I did the first round of insanity then plateued for months as I ate back every calorie I burnt. This time I'm pushing for another 15lb lost which should see me at 170lb.

    Biggest thing ive noticed is my quads and most recently the strength ive gained in my chest (Insanity= loads of pushups!)

  • KittensMaster
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    Two days a week I lift doing compound exercises and heavy weight.

    I target riding 100-120 miles per week on my bike for cardio and calorie burn. That is normally 4 days, sometimes 5. A short 20 mile ride isn't really work so I count it as an active day, not workout.

    I eat at maintenance level on lifting days. I eat at a 300-500 calorie deficit on all other days. I only eat back about 1/3 of the calories is exercise off

    Lost 130 net lbs in 2 years. Added around 20 lbs of muscle per my body comp scale.

  • Mycophilia
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    Lifting weights 3 days a week for 9 months. Pretty much doubled my 1RM on the big three compound movements, and lost almost 30kg in weight. All in all pretty good results so far.
  • MeanderingMammal
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    indigohope wrote: »
    I am just wondering how many days per week do you workout or exercise. I wonder if I workout 4 x that is enough (while eating right).

    I run 4 to 5 times per week, distance has increased to about 15 miles at the moment and my pace has improved significantly.

    I've also lost a fair amount of weight, but that's secondary to me now.
  • bebeisfit
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    It varies, 3-5 times a week. But here's the difference. I find that I have greater success with my food when I workout. Especially if I was meeting friends for a run or be in actual training for something, I'm less likely to binge the night before a big workout. They say most weight loss success is made in the kitchen, but studies also suggest that long term weight maintenance is more likely when you move every day.
  • neldabg
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    Everyday. I do a 20-60 minute workout video, and I walk a bare minimum of 10,000 steps (five miles) a day (usually a lot more steps though), and then on days I choose, I'll add some yoga, tai chi, or light weight training to the mix. It's been over two months, and I've yet to hit a plateau. I've lost over 20 lbs, and I'm now 18 lbs away from being healthy, and 30 lbs away from my goal weight. I'm pear shaped, and my waist has gone from 90 cm to 76 cm.
    In the beginning, I *did* have rest days, but after the first month, I got stronger and rest days are no longer necessary. IF, however, I get really sore, I just don't do my intense stuff, and my "rest" day is usually two hours of yoga and tai chi, and no more than five miles of walking. I use a scale and measuring cup, and I hold myself accountable for EVERYTHING that enters my mouth (i.e. gum). If a workout video gets too easy, I immediately do something more intense. It seems that this formula has been pretty successful in my weight loss. While it's true that I don't crave processed junk as much as I used to, I still don't necessarily eat better either. I just stay within my calorie limit, and I do a lot of light exercise. Only 10%-30% of what I do is intense.
  • chloeelizabethm
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    This is how I changed in 2 months with 4 days lifting on average and eating at a small deficit. Small changes but taking the pictures has really motivated me to keep going so I would recommend doing that.

  • nordlead2005
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    I'm down 24lb and all 3 big lifts are up. I think I've hit my peak in all of them except deadlift until I stop eating at a deficit, but then again I've thought that a few times and continued to make progress.

    I lift 3x per week and cardio 1x week for the last 88 days.