Walks with dog

Hi, I just wonder... Do you log walks with your dog? I do quick 25 mins walk in the morning and 4k to 5k in the evening. Should I log a morning walk or not? What's your view on it? X


  • kindrabbit
    kindrabbit Posts: 837 Member
    Personally I don't if I am logging other exercise. Dog walking is a part of my 'every day calories' rather than my 'exercise calories'.

    I will admit to logging it if I haven't don't any other exercise and I'm very hungry!! :/
  • RuNaRoUnDaFiEld
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    I walk my dog every morning but I don't log this as it is part of my daily routine. If I get to do her lunch time walk or night time walk then I log it as it is over my daily normal.
  • kiniak89
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    That's what I thought. Would you log the evening walk then or not? I am walking my dog almost every evening and we always do at least 4K...
  • Becca_250
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    80% of my exercise is done with my dog so yes I absolutely log this. I use the mapmyfitness app to track the distance/speed which syncs to mfp, I also have a harness/waist belt for running, last night we ran 7k of cross country trails. At the weekend we walk a park loop that's about 12k. I suppose if you're just slowly wandering around the garden or the block you might not want to go to the effort of logging, I don't log my 5 minute walk to the bus station for work in the morning for example, but if you're purposely putting in some effort on the walk and it's for more than 5-10 minutes then I would log it.
  • kiniak89
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    Thank you for your reply! I do not log when we are going to a park and he is playing with other dogs. I am only logging when we actually do a proper walk. We also do a Sunday long walks :)
  • Becca_250
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    Yeah that would make sense and the way I would do it, it's a great feeling having a nice tired pup afterwards! :smile:
  • lps1dragonfly
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    My fitness tracker picks up the evening walk as an increased activity so it gets logged but the morning walk I don't. Our schedule is is a lot like yours the evening walk is much longer which is probably why it measures it on my UP2.
  • mwyvr
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    I only log longer dog walks (4km would count) and then only if I haven't run with my dog that day (which is rare). We generally run 10 to 18km together.

    If walking is your principle cardio, either log it (the 4km walks) or consider not logging them at all and you'll have a built in calorie deficit safety net because you'll not be tempted to eat those calories.
  • mbaker566
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    yes, I do
  • 7lenny7
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    Any walk I do, including dog walks, is picked up by my FitBit. I have MPF set to sedentary so I want the calorie credit for walking.
  • airbent
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    7lenny7 wrote: »
    Any walk I do, including dog walks, is picked up by my FitBit. I have MPF set to sedentary so I want the calorie credit for walking.

    same. I walk my dog and walk during my work break, and this setting will rack up the exercise calories unbelievably quickly lol.