Starting INSANITY on monday. Join me?

egur10 Posts: 10 Member
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Have not done the full length program but Im prepping to get started on Monday. Anyone else want to join me?! Looking for support


  • CrystalLaureano
    CrystalLaureano Posts: 15 Member
    I have a support group for 21 day fix and Cize but you can join if you want! Add me if interested
  • jvs125
    jvs125 Posts: 223 Member
    I'm finishing Ripped in 30 this week and was looking for something else to start next week... I prefer something less time consuming; however, I already have Insanity so it would be free... I'll give it a go! :)

    I already know that I won't be following the schedule since I'm usually out of town during the weekends so I take both Saturday and Sunday off.
  • cmr23jc
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    I'm planning on starting Monday!!!! I had a baby approximately 2 months ago so I'm ready to get back into it. Gotta figure out my calorie consumption first though. But I'm with you
  • OneHundredToLose
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    I tried Insanity definitely is insane. Honestly, I couldn't walk properly after a week. It's too much for me right now. Maybe in a few months when I've dropped some weight I'll try it again :tongue:
  • kicknoley
    kicknoley Posts: 11 Member
    I've started insanity max 30 this week and is kicking my *kitten*. Good luck :-)
  • shaunroberts
    shaunroberts Posts: 94 Member
    Enjoy. I love Insanity/ beach body series...its my go to workout schedule.

    I'm Currently doing Max Insanity (2nd month insanity workouts) and Max Out sise by side. To say its kicking my *kitten* is an understatement lol

    Good Luck and enjoy :smiley:
  • raven56706
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    Im down... for me it would be a two a day workout day. I go to the gym in the morning and then workout at night.
  • egur10
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    Two a day :0 Raven^ have you done insanity before?! Be sure to fuel up lots youll be a machine !!!
  • kellylou1367
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    I'm totally in, I'm starting insanity Monday too, never done it before
  • AbramAlbee
    AbramAlbee Posts: 5 Member
    I just started yesterday... Finished the workout today...and it kicked my butt! I turn thirty in November and want to get into shape again! I'm in.
  • AbramAlbee
    AbramAlbee Posts: 5 Member
    How is everyone doing three days in?
  • kicknoley
    kicknoley Posts: 11 Member
    Day 11 and I'm still on it. Phew! Lost around 1.2kg so far!
  • MissPauling
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    I'd like to join. I'm doing it for 2 1/2 months or so already but I don't do the plan Shaun-T provides. I do the workouts as I like and usually mixed with own exercises, yoga, elliptical and rest days. I mostly circle between the regular workouts and Upper Body Weight Training. The Cardio Abs I do additionally every now and then, didn't dare to do the max versions yet, still feel challenged by the regular stuff. Had a break of almost 2 weeks now and Saturday I'm gonna do Plyometric Cardio or Pure Cardio, usually when I get back to it after a while I have super sore calf muscles for days, I'm really looking forward this :D

    I'd love to try Cize!
  • AbramAlbee
    AbramAlbee Posts: 5 Member
    Anyone still doing it or are you all off the wagon. I'm noticing very few sign ons daily??? :p
  • jvs125
    jvs125 Posts: 223 Member
    Still in, but I had to start last Thursday instead of Monday because I wasn't quite done my previous program. During weekends, I have no access to a TV/DVD/computer, so I take 2 days off instead of one. I completed day 3 today. I'm doing great so far!

    I started Insanity before but had to stop after the first month because my knees were killing me and the workouts were too long in that 2nd month. Hopefully I can do it all this time around.
  • klcall79
    klcall79 Posts: 1 Member
    I just started this morning, if I can still join this group. I did the fit test today and found issues with sneakers on my laminate floor slipping too much :wink: How is everyone logging the exercise?
  • kicknoley
    kicknoley Posts: 11 Member
    I'm logging insanity max 30 using My Insane Cardio Tracker (android app), I always misplace paper bits here and there, but always have my phone with me. I'm sure there's a bunch of apps out there for the regular insanity workout out there too. Can't wait to complete month 1 of this thing.
  • AbramAlbee
    AbramAlbee Posts: 5 Member
    Good to see everyone is doing it in some for or another! Kcall I just log the time as high intensity cardio. I am in waaaay better shape week two already. I can now get through the entire warmup without rest. I have weddings coming up that are going to require me to be creative in doing it (ie. Camping, travel, etc.) kicknoley great job! Get to the month mark!
  • annziexo
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    Hey Guys!!! I've just purchased Insanity and plan to start it on Monday...

    Seeing as I've heard plenty of reviews about how painful and difficult it can be at first would like to have some support from you guys! Feel free to add.