Revised hip replacement/need to weigh 225. I'm 284:(

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Well just got my lower back injection done for my bad hip replacement pain. My doctor insisted on weight loss. I'm 284. Must be 225. Was 320 4 months ago.
Constant struggle with pain medicine, sedimentary life style and not eating:(


  • EmmaFitzwilliam
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    ::Hugs:: I hope you are able to find ways to minimize the pain until you do lose the weight, and a method that works for you to make the progress you need to.
  • Bshmerlie
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    You struggle with not eating? Or did you mean trying not to eat?

    You've lost 36 pounds in four months...that's pretty good. At that pace it should take you about 7-8 months to get to 225.
  • suziecue20
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    You have done tremendously well to lose what you have already when you are in constant pain. I really can empathise with you because I have a hairline fracture in my lower back which stops me doing all sorts of exercise. All I can say is to keep your eyes on the prize (your hip replacement) and work your way to it as best you can. I know you will be able to because of what you have already achieved. Good luck :)
  • ericGold15
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    At the gym you will find lots of exercises and machines that do not require use of your affected hip.
    You should be giving some thought to how you will keep the weight off after the replacement.