Renton, Kent area working out partner.

I go to LA fitness. I'm doing my first show so I need someone to work out with. Male or female doesn't matter. Thanks


  • chrissyfitter
    chrissyfitter Posts: 67 Member
    I used to live in Auburn but not anymore so sad. :(
  • suruda
    suruda Posts: 1,233 Member
    I live in Auburn...but work out at the Y. Can you post something at your gym looking for a workout partner? Good luck!
  • kandeelopez
    kandeelopez Posts: 61 Member
    Are you still looking for someone?? I do NOT look like my photo. That's my GOAL photo! lol I got tired of logging on and just seeing my face. I already know what it looks like. lol I have a gym membership at LA Fitness in Renton. My goal is to workout from 6 am to 7 am, Mon-Fri.
  • turkishmelly
    turkishmelly Posts: 129 Member
    Message me! I can help.