Progress Pics - 21 lbs and 20 inches



  • Sinnister78
    Sinnister78 Posts: 134 Member
    You look great Init! Very motivational!
  • PeloMichelle
    PeloMichelle Posts: 100 Member
    So inspiring-Thank You!!
  • Datarn
    Datarn Posts: 79 Member
    I am excited for you. I also have discovered how much I like to lift weights!! Looking forward to seeing more!
  • swiftyoung
    swiftyoung Posts: 298 Member
    Thanks so much for sharing. I really needed that today. Please know that your honesty and perseverance are inspiring. Congratulations and much success.
  • alltheweigh170
    alltheweigh170 Posts: 287 Member
    Wow, your story feels like something I would have written myself. As I was reading each sentence I was going, "Yep, that's me" ;) You are doing great! Excellent progress.
  • ImOneStepCloser
    ImOneStepCloser Posts: 334 Member
    Great job sweetie.
  • pinkys008
    pinkys008 Posts: 55 Member
    Your changes are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this here!
  • pinkys008
    pinkys008 Posts: 55 Member
    You guys are all so great and making me feel like a million bucks!

    I am glad it helps you, too. I have to tell you, though, when I see something like this, it makes me feel so much better about my own potential. You are committed, you are making changes and seeing results. This gives me hope for my own success. As much as I am happy for you to be doing so great, I am also thrilled (in a very selfish way) to see that it is possible, it does work, results happen.

    So, yeah. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  • cahf
    cahf Posts: 137 Member
    HUGE difference! It took me a year to lose 23 pounds (I have lots more to go) but I suspect you are right, slow and steady is one great way to go about weight loss!
  • codycsweet
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    Congrats you can see a huge difference and I also was nodding yep that has been me. In particular over the last year.
  • ttfnweight
    ttfnweight Posts: 202 Member
    Awesome job! Be proud!!