Coming back from too large of a deficit

Hi there. I am 5 foot 5 and currently weigh 119lbs. About 5 to 6 months ago I started off at about 127 lb and as time has gone on I have been losing weight but in an unhealthy manner since most days especially over the past 3 months I have been eating around 800 to 900 calories. I was taking in essentially little to no fats on most days with very high protein and low carb ratios. I am now finally feeling the effects of this and am stressing out and wanting to get on a much healthier and sustainable track for a healthy and long term lifestyle. My goal weight is 116, and I know that is just on the very low range of normal weight. I am wanting to know how many calories I really should be eating in order to SLOWLY lose this weight compared to the big deficit I was having before which was making my pounds drop fast but everything else such as my mood and energy decline as well. I plan and hope to give up on fixating over carbs as I was before too and clearly need to increase my fat intake and need advice on how to healthily do that as well. Any tips and comments would be greatly appreciated.


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    Input your stats into MFP, add the exercise calories it gives you and eat at THAT number.
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    I would say set your weight loss at no more than .5 pounds per week and eat no less than 1200 calories per day- also eat back 50-75% of your exercise calories. You may gain a bit at first but your body will get used to higher calories and you will lose those last three pounds eventually but probably very very slowly. By the way I can't help but ask- why 3 more pounds? You are at a healthy weight. You are actually at the very low end of a healthy BMI for your height. I would go for a range to stay within- such as 115-120 for your height (actually the high end of a healthy BMI is 150 for you, but if you like being at the lower end I understand that). If you are not happy with your body perhaps try some lifting to redefine your muscles and build strength. As far as eating- just think balance and don't cut out any large food group or macros- you need fat, carbs, protein, etc.
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    Have you read about recomps? It might suit you more than a slow deficit.
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    Have you read about recomps? It might suit you more than a slow deficit.

    No, I do not know much about this. My current workout routine involves ab exercises at home here off youtube as well as butt and thigh workouts and lifting dumbbells here at home and then running about 2 to 3 miles a few times a week on treadmill. Should I join a gym and start doing my weight and strength training on the machines?

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    What are the effects that you are feeling that make you want to change?
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    You may be eating more than you think.

    You've lost 9lbs over 3 months. That *is* slow, steady weight loss. You haven't lost too fast at all.

    Having said that, if your mood and energy has been poor, maybe you are being accurate. In which case I think you could increase to 1200 and still lose at the same rate. I doubt the loss would slow though. How slowly do you want to lose? You're at under a lb a week already - you could try going for 0.5lbs?

    I think I'm very similar to you. I eat 800-1000 a day of mostly fruit, veg and lean protein and I also have problems with mood and energy. I don't sustain it for more than a couple of months at a time so my weight stays more or less the same but, when I am on this 'diet', I think I lose a lot more than 3lbs a month. More like 8-10lbs a month. And I'm also very short. I would expect a taller person to lose very unhealthily fast on 700 calories a day.
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    You are currently at the lower end of what is considered healthy weight for your height. If you are still unhappy with your appearance, perhaps try looking at body composition instead of just losing more weight. Tons of information here:
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    Did you seek professional help for your problematic relationship with food, as directed by many concerned posters previously?