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Hi all,

Before I start, please know that I know that weight loss is a long process. I know it doesn't happen overnight and I am going to continue with this journey.

With this being said, I started my weight loss on August 1st. To date I have lost 32lbs as of today. I took my month pictures and I don't see any difference. Could this be that I just need to wait longer to see a difference in my body? I started at 448 lbs. I would expected to at least see a slight difference.


  • 999tigger
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    Patience, you are at a big weight so with a bit coming off everywhere its hard to see, but the scales say its one. Just keep enjoying losing the weight and you will get to see it eventually.

    Keep up with the pics and maybe add some measurements with a tape measure. Its not something I would worry about.
  • LKArgh
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    The more you have to lose, the harder it is to see the changes. You have been doing an incredible job, keep it up!
  • The_Invisible_Boy
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    Seems like everyone loses it in different places. It can be daunting and hard to tell sometimes. As recommended above measurements help a lot. My belly appears to be holding out. I've lost a lot in my legs and arms. I think the first place I actually noticed was in my feet of all places. For me the bigger I was the harder it was to tell. 30lbs and I wouldn't see much if any difference. Please don't let it get you down! You CAN do this! Before you know it you'll see big changes. Keep up the awesome work you've been doing.

    The human body is an amazing beast. The more weight you carry the thicker your bones will be. The more muscle you will have on your body. I can't say enough how important some sort of heavy resistance training is. If you don't let your body know you want/need all that muscle it will also burn it for fuel when in a calorie deficit. You have an AMAZING physique under that fat! Try to keep it!

    Lastly, you're going to win many battles and lose a few. We ALL do. It's about winning the war brother! If you have a bad day so what. Pick yourself back up where u left off!! Have fun on the journey!!
  • Jimmie342
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    Thanks for the replies. Maybe I'm being to hard on myself. I put the two pictures together and there might possibly be a difference. I'll try and post it.
  • zoeysasha37
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    Well I see a difference in your stomach !! Sometimes it takes a while for us to really start to see it, but it will happen ! Keep up the good work !
  • scolaris
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    There is absolutely a difference! You look healthier overall. Keep up your great work here.
  • Jimmie342
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    I feel a bit better now. Thanks everyone. I'll keep going so I can see some really impressive results
  • Lynzdee18
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    Yes! I see a difference! What a great start on your way to health!
  • jemhh
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    I see a difference too. Good work!

    Keep taking the monthly pictures and I highly recommend taking measurements too. I only started taking measurements most of the way through my loss. I wish I had my original measurements for comparison. These are the measurements I suggest:

    Waist across navel
    Hips at largest point

    For women I'd also say waist are smallest point. Women's waists are considered to be aren't the smallest point but I'm not sure if aren't man would care about that measurement or not. I'd also kind if be interested in aren't head circumference just because I wonder how much a person's head changes but that might just be me :blush: