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    You may be in for a "whoosh" any day now if you think the fat areas are feeling squishy. There are other posts about this effect. Keep it up, your progress is great! :smiley:
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    It's hard to see changes in ourselves, because we see ourselves all the time! Can you take some current pictures, and look at them compared to older pics? I am sure you'll see a difference. Plus you must FEEL a difference in your clothes by now! Don't get discouraged! Yes, it's a long way to go. I have been there. I try now to focus on a day or week at a time, so I don't get discouraged myself. You can do it!
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    I've lost 30 lbs. 30!!!! But you'd never know it :( I still look and feel enormous. I literally look the same. I have been working SO HARD and eating soo healthy.
    I still need to lose 105lbs so I AM still extremely overweight... I just thought I'd see some small changes. I have such a long road and I'm so sad I let things get so out of hand.

    30lbs is awesome, its you that just not acknowledging it. I just accpeted and was pleased what the scale told me because eventually it will show up somewhere. You say youve lost inches, so it is showing just we are normally the last to notice.

    You have been working hard and its paying off. Do the same again and you will be half way. You will notice a 60lb loss.

    The altenertiave of giving up is pretty rubbish, so keep doing what you are doing, manage your expectations and be patient. the scale was enough for me, but the way your clothing feels and pics aredifferent ways. The one I was just as interested in were performance increases at the gym. getting fitter and doing new pbs is just as good. keep going and dont think yourself into making it harder for yourself.
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    don't judge by yoga pants. they are stretchy.
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    I didn't see any change after 30 pounds, either. It's possible that there was change to see, but I sure didn't see it.

    When you're really fat, it takes longer to see changes. Plus, we see ourselves every day, so minor changes don't register.

    60 pounds, I really saw some change. At 90 pounds, I was like, "Yes, this is much better."

    Stick with it. You'll see it eventually! :)
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    I really needed these comments. My crazy hormonal self is totally crying. Thanks, everyone.
    I'm not stopping. No way. I just get sad when I look in the mirror or refuse to change in front of my husband. I make him leave the room and I lock the door when I shower :(
    I can't wait until I'm happy with what I see..and feel comfortable enough to be a normal wife who doesn't hide from her hubs.

    I'd like to point out that you're in an emotional situation, and that level of discomfort with your body might not change just because your weight does. Taking care of yourself is important, and understanding that body size and self-esteem are not necessarily inversely proportionate. You can lose 135 pounds and still find things about your body you're not comfortable with.

    Like, if the only thing you don't like is your size, then maybe you'll be fine. But if it's other changes in your body (such as from having a baby), I think you'll find that those insecurities can persist at any size. Loving yourself is important at all sizes, not just the ideal ones.

    TL;DR: I think you ought to consider very seriously what it is that makes you hide out when you're naked. And if it's more than just your weight, it may be worth talking to someone about it. Addressing body image issues is *kitten*, unpleasant, and emotional work, but extremely valuable in the long run.

    Also, yeah, it's hard at the beginnings when you're losing from a lot. I started at nearly 300 pounds, and for the first 60 pounds or so I basically latched to anything that indicated I'd lost weight -- weird new dimples, the smallest measurement changes, etc. At 95 pounds down, I'm finally starting to actually see that I look different, but I've also been at this weight for about a year now. It was hard to see any difference for a really long time.
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    I've lost 105 lbs on my way to -150. There were definitely changes at 30 pounds, but I might not have noticed them if it weren't for having a before pic and 3 mo progress pics. If you haven't taken pics yet, start now! Also take measurements. Also check your clothes. After 30 lbs they should be looser and you prob need a smaller size of jeans.

    I have literally lived in yoga pants since my son was born. They feel the same.. Everything, in my mind, fits the same.. My breast size fluctuates because I'm nursing so sometimes I think oooh!! They're smaller!! And then an hour later I'm like... Oh. Nope.

    Ya, my stretchy pants feel the same, but I can slide my jeans and shorts off my hips without unbuttoning them now. I'm down 17 pounds since April and I think I see a difference, but it's not really obvious to me yet.

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    I agree. Stretchy pants will feel the same. I also had a tendancy to wear (squeeze into) my largest size of pants past when I should have stopped wearing them. Consequently it took a long time before they finally became too small. I'm down 30 lbs, and there is one pair that fits wel still. LOL
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    30 pounds is awesome!! Great job!!

    I didn't notice any difference until I lost about 50 pounds and since then every couple of pounds is a huge difference. It took 40 pounds loss for my clothes to go down just one size but then I lost 2 sizes with the next 20 pounds.

    Hang in there, I promise you will notice the change soon!
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    It will come, and probably all at once. I was in your situation. I didn't see it, and nobody else seemingly did either. I didn't even need to buy new pants until I hit 40 lbs lost. But then, it all hit at once. I noticed. I needed new pants. I received comments, questions, or compliments from 3 people on the same day, and 5 more that week, after not hearing a thing for the months prior.

    It will come.
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    I've lost 90 and sometimes I look at myself and think that I haven't lost very much. Our own minds can be our worst critics.

    30 lbs is awesome! Don't let a little self-doubt diminish those substantial results.