Goal 170 to 135! Who wants to join me?



  • TELR85
    TELR85 Posts: 32 Member
    Same here I lost on MFP and then life got in the way CW: 176 GW: 135
  • fat2strongbeth
    fat2strongbeth Posts: 735 Member
    Anyone can add me. I'm currently at 165 and my goal is 140.
  • 94kelly
    94kelly Posts: 7 Member
    I'm 172 desperate to get to 155 as that's where I was comfortable last time I lost weight.
  • Okie_Gal
    Okie_Gal Posts: 36 Member
    Me!!! I'll join ya!
  • jorda13456
    jorda13456 Posts: 62 Member
    I'm 19 and I'm starting at 170 and my goal is similar to yours! I'm in, lets do this... already 5 days in
  • megan913508
    megan913508 Posts: 22 Member
    That is just about my exact goal as well. Feel free to add me. I need all the help I can get. ☺
  • lindasinklings568
    I'm in!
  • Ladybug_1794
    Ladybug_1794 Posts: 94 Member
    Same here 21 had 2 girls I used to weigh 135 before my kids but now I'm 161.6. Want to lose this weight bad
  • tonee7000
    tonee7000 Posts: 13 Member
    you can add me also..I'm 166 now and I'm trying to lose at least 30... good luck
  • s_shortridge
    s_shortridge Posts: 28 Member
    Similiar goal here too. 42y/o. Started at 190. Currently at 168.4. Aiming for 145. Taking it nice & slow. We eat low refined sugar/grains. Which has KILLED compulsive overeating. First time ever. This is a forever change for us. Open diary and feel free to add me.
  • Chessie28804
    Chessie28804 Posts: 78 Member
    I'm pretty much the exact same!! I was 178 earlier this year, now 155 - want to be around 135. add me anyone and we can share our goals!
  • onenuke
    onenuke Posts: 1 Member
    I know that feeling. Started back a couple weeks ago after hitting 175. Now at 171.5 and trying to get to about 135.
  • pantsugirl
    pantsugirl Posts: 7 Member
    I'm in a very similar boat. I weigh about the same and want to lose about 40lbs. I lost a big chunk a couple of years back but has slowly crept back on over that time. Feel free to add me!
  • JullesBurn
    JullesBurn Posts: 18 Member
    46 years old. 215 pounds. Goal <200 by Christmas. Ultimately 165?
  • Zephalia
    Zephalia Posts: 79 Member
    I started at 170lbs last year and got down to 150lbs last year. I'm 5'11 and weighed 135lbs in my pre-kids years. I have gone back up to 165lbs recently and I'm working my way down to 145ish. Let's do it!
  • CardiLuxe
    CardiLuxe Posts: 89 Member
    Exactlyyyyy!!!!! Those are pretty much my goals.
    Everyone on the same page add me!!!
  • vball1121
    vball1121 Posts: 36 Member
    I'm the same as a lot of you as well, please feel free to add me!
  • Larysalynnrobar
    Please feel free to add me as well!
    Started Sept 1st
    Current: 198
    Mini Goal: 176 by Christmas
    Goal: 130-140
  • morgiemarsh
    morgiemarsh Posts: 13 Member
    I'm close to this goal, I'm currently 180 and trying to get to 130! Let's motivate eachother!
  • brew99
    brew99 Posts: 8 Member
    I'm always looking for more encouragement and accountability friends on here. I'm in too! And to anyone else looking.