So much problems

Going trough so many problems its has become to the point that I'm not even hungry I eat becuse I know I have to..


  • queenliz99
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    I'm sorry for your troubles, do your best to eat. Hugs
  • missm2
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    I have problems eating whenI'm stressed. Try a smoothie . I pack mine with 3 fruits some Greek yoghurt semi skimmed milk and a tablespoon of honey 23 grams of whey protein. . 432 calories :D
  • RoseTheWarrior
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    Take things one at a time. Try to take one thing and change it. If you can't change something, you must learn to accept it. Call a help line if you need to. Talk to friends and/or family. Sometimes help is just a call away. I wish you all the best. It will help you though if you eat a healthy amount. Food and sleep deprivation just cause more stress and can cause depression (or cause it to worsen). Take care of yourself :smile:
  • fiddletime
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    Make sure you're eating enough or you'll lower your immunity and also get tired and depressed. You don't have to want to, just do it. I'm sorry for your problems, but it seems like you need all of your strength and energy to handle the stresses you're under. {{{{ }}}}.
  • tulips_and_tea
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    Sorry to hear you are struggling. Hope things improve for you soon. In the mean time, this is when it's more important than ever to properly fuel your body and mind. I agree with @fiddletime - set your meal plan and just do it. Don't think about it just follow your plan and that will be one less thing to worry about. Hang in there!
  • 999tigger
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    You need to eat a min amount for the nutrition. This will help deal with your stress and wellbeing so you can handle the problems you face. Same goes for getting enough rest. Eat simply if need be. Keep going.
  • longshadows17
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    I'm a stress non-eater as well. It's a bad cycle that makes you feel worse. Soup is my go to, when solid foods look impossible. Comforting as well!