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How do you best eat lentils? Any recipes that you would recommend?

They seem to be a cheap healthy food that I would like to have more of but I'm not sure how to go about it.


  • jgnatca
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    I haven't found a recipe I totally love yet. They don't need pre-soaking. Sometimes I add them to a soup near the end for extra texture.

    Here's a classic recipe, Lentils and Lamb. Which could easily be converted to lentils and ham, or lentils and chicken. You get the drift.
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    Oh that sounds ok. I've used them once in a casserole and they just thickened it. I must have added them for too long. Nice flavour though.
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    Lentils can be used in tacos, wraps and salads. I cook them in vegetable broth. Brown an onion and some mushrooms in a skillet then toss in two cups cooked lentils and a packet of taco seasoning and a cup of petite tomatoes. Fill wraps or tortillas with lettuce, tomatoes, etc. Nice tacos.
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    I've made this before and it's super easy and delicious.... http://www.reveal.co.uk/lifestyle/recipes/a622848/river-cottage-light--easy-recipe-for-chicken--lentil-casserole.html

    Perfect comfort-food for the first day of Autumn. :)
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    I like making lentil soup. I've made this recipe a lot, but tweaked it to my liking. I have never added the vinegar (not sure what it is for); have used either ground italian sausage or beef, and no meat before; and, have played with seasoning to my taste.... http://allrecipes.com/recipe/13978/lentil-soup/
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    Oh wow, there are some really fab recipes here! Thanks guys! I'm hungry now :)
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    The way I cook them is just put them in a pot with pepper and cook for 1.5-2 hours and add a little corn starch to thickin it up its great add some all spice garlic and lemon juice perfect
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    If you find them gassy, add some cumin. ;)
    For new ideas, Google "lentil burgers" and "lentil sloppy joes."
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    Doris, I just bought a slow cooker and I will try the lentil+kale and the maroccan lentil soup for sure! Thanks for sharing :smile:
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    My wife made a kickass lentil and sweet potato chili the other night.

    Word of warning: when the recipe calls for "two cups steamed lentils" they don't mean start with two dry cups of lentils. That makes about 6 cups of lentils. We'll be eating lentils for days.

    On the upside, I've also discovered that tofu, pepper, salt, rice, and lentils is a surprisingly simple and tasty lunch.
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    I've only made them as a side and in a manner similar to pilaf. Very interesting to see some real recipes with them.
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    burritos with lentils, a little shredded chicken, rice, and tomato...Yum
    Also, I do soak my lentils prior to cooking, it is supposed to make them easier to digest
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    Brilliant! So glad I asked :)
    I do have a slow cooker and rarely use it so great to get some suggestions here too.
    Gosh so much you can do with them.
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    I usually throw a handful of the little red Indian lentils into whatever I'm making - they don't need soaking. Pasta sauce, ratatouille, soup... I also powder them in my food processor and use the lentil flour to up protein content in some recipes. If you want, I'll try to find measurements for my lentil and nut veggie "meatballs"...

    I also love lentil soup. If you don't eat meat - or even if you do! - it's amazing with smoked tofu. Put the liquid in with the stock, and fry little cubes of the tofu to sprinkle over the top at the end. Who needs bacon anyway?
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    A great lentil side dish is to Cook either green or black lentils until done but still holds shape. Mix with a Little finely chopped red onion, lots of chopped fresh dill, salt, pepper and a tiny bit of olive oil and balsamic (or other) vinegar. A hit at potlucks!
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    Soup: I just add a chopped onion, a couple of garlic cloves, and the lentils and boil them. Occasionally I might use vegetable broth instead of water or add a bit of tomato paste. When they are almost done, I add salt, pepper, vinegar and olive oil to taste. It is one of the easiest meals to make when I have no time for cooking. Preparation takes about 5 minutes and they are ready in an hour, without really any supervision.
    Also you can boil them with only salt, until they start to get tender, but not are still firm and add them to salads.
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    Lentil kofte is devine wrapped in lettuce:

    •soak 1cup lentil and 1cup fine bulgur wheat(separately). Leave aside
    • sauté 1 large onion chopped finely and some crushed garlic, add tomato puree and herbs and spices that you would usually add to meatball mixture.
    •add everything into a large bowl and mix in chopped parsley, lemon juice and olive oil. Make up small oval balls slightly bigger than walnuts.
    • serve with lettuce.