Apple shape!

I carry the most weight in my upper stomach. It's so bad that I look pregnant. I TOTALLY hate this! Any of you with the same problem area? What do you do to help it?


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    Unfortunately, you can't spot reduce. As you lose fat, it will come from all over and eventually, the tummy will go. Go get it!
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    Terri70 wrote: »
    I carry the most weight in my upper stomach. It's so bad that I look pregnant. I TOTALLY hate this! Any of you with the same problem area? What do you do to help it?

    Wear flattering clothes that fit properly? I don't mean to be flippant, I'm just unaware of any way to spot reduce one area. Genetics controls this. Though, if you find you carry a lot of belly fat, there have been some studies that show eating low carb is in particular useful for a certain subset of obese individuals in losing overall fat weight. The results are mixed, but that's been shown in a few studies I've read.
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    That's my body shape too. As others have cant spot reduce. I am down 58# and while I have fairly defined arms/legs, visible collar bones & hip bones....I still look pregnant. It will be the last place I lose. I wear a compression tank most days, which doesn't really change my measurements, but it does smooth everything out so it looks better under clothes. I have lost some of my belly, but not much.
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    Same shape sucks. The best thing for it, I have found, is to search google for clothing styles that flatter apple shapes. For me it tends to be things that flare out toward the bottom to make my hips look more in keeping with the rest of me. Unfortunately there is no magic cure for just losing belly fat, though...usually I tend to lose it in my arms, legs, and hips first....stomach seems to be the last to go.
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    All good suggestions! I just hate it that I look so pregnant! But at 239 lbs what else do I expect! lol
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    I understand your problem. At least with a big stomach you can sorta camouflage it with dresses and blouses. I have extremely large legs. I wear dresses, but it does not hide it much. It just makes me more comfortable to face the world.
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    Same apple shape.
    Things are looking much better in the belly area as I lose weight. It just takes time to melt away the largest area of fat on your body.
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    I have an apple shape and hate it. I've lost 41 lbs and have about 10 lbs to reach a healthy BMI but my waist is still 36" Belly fat is fighting me all the way lol
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    Reduce your overall body fat percentage. Eat at a deficit and start a form of strength training or at the very least, resistance training.
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    I had the same problem.
    Things that helped me ( while losing) were:
    improved posture, if you sit and stand with good posture you immediately lengthen/straighten the the abdomen.
    A regular resistance/strength training regime will strengthen the underlying abs and help the overlying fat look less flabby.

    These are things that I found helpful to mask, but weight loss is the only true way to get rid of it.

    Cheers, h.
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    As you lose weight, your stomach will get smaller. :)

    You can do abdominal exercises and they'll help the muscles, but they cannot make the fat disappear.

    Keep with it and you will eventually have a nice abdomen. :)